What are the "nice-to-have" amenities your guests love?

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    M Adamopoulou

    Yes I agree with you Leandri, small things make our life happier!!!
    I always have fresh flowers and herbs all over the Studio including the bathroom.
    Guests really appreciate having fresh milk, eggs, yogurt, fruits, cold water in the fridge when they arrive and of course coffee.
    And least but not last my 10 years granddaughter always leaves a personal welcome drawing for my guests.

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    "And least but not last my 10 years granddaughter always leaves a personal welcome drawing for my guests."

    Wow! I am speechless :)

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    Our farm grown coffee and organic fruits.  I realize that's not possible for most owners.  The comments above are spot on.  You can also think of yourselves and your interaction with your guests as a very valuable amenity.

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    Anthurium Apartment

    i like that your interaction with your guests as a very valuable amenity,There is something about interpersonal interaction that,scores more above all the rest,that is why in my comments,i said i go as far as using translator,because,i want to ensure that my guests feel me.

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    michael beeston

    Hi Katti................Thanks but yes in Australia ( the Top Dove Range ) and not too sound smart BUT we have now 54..10 pointers in a row..so must be doing something right..Just for curiosity ..what soap and shampoo do  you use ???  and what score do you achieve..as I say just curious...Michael. 

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    We use Head&Shoulders, Palmolive and other (local) similar brands. Since our place is near airport, majority guests stay for 1 or 2 nights and still have to fly. Most of them do not leave reviews, especially on Booking. I tried ti follow up, but stopped doing that on Booking (I get disappointed, when we tried our best and people do not care to answer once they left). I do follows ups only on Airbnb. Since I have several apartments, our score ranges from 8.6 to 10 on Booking. And it's almost excellent on Airbnb, I have Superhost status there.

    How about you? Do you use Airbnb?

    P.S. I don't know why, but the quality of shampoo of the same brand is better in Philippines, than in Europe. So far, no one complained about the quality of the shampoo and soap we provide. When I travel myself, I do love organic shampoo hotels provide. But then again, we can't compare 5 star hotel to apartments. In our area the cheapest hotel besides my apartments costs 3 times higher.

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    The Old Stable Devon

    We leave all the basic essentials for self catering stay, herbs, oils, tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate etc; organic and free trade if possible.  Along with this I make a plate of fresh cupcakes, which are always very popular and some fresh milk in the fridge. I also put fresh flowers in the properties. We also have hand soap, shower gel and toilet rolls available for guests to use.  

    We have recently set up a small shop, which guests can use during their stay, which offers quality local produce.  This is great for guests to use during their stay or to take back home with them and promotes some of the amazing artisans we have here in Devon, UK. 

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    Dawn Oliver

    My guests often comment on the spotlessly clean white bedding.  Flowers chocolates and biscuits are well accepted.



    B& B Dutchman 

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    Anthurium Apartment



    Flowers usually,spell love in any language,so  that is good and sheets being clean and spotless,with a smell of clean is very good .

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