How to get more bookings in low season

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    Thibault Masson

    Hi Neil,
    Not exactly sure about your situation, as I would have to know your business better. Yet, if you do believe that there is indeed demand for your location during this period (it can be that not at all, but your local peers can tell you that better than me), you generally do 3 things:
    - Discount (you are already using some deals and promotions stuff. How about discounting week days?)
    - Increase value (Free breakfast, Genius freebies)
    - Add flexibility (For instance, my minimum length of stay is shorter in the low season. Or be more flexible with your cancelation policy in that season, if you can).
    Hope it helps - T.

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    Neil Andrew Lewis

    Hi Thibault,


    Thanks you very much for your thoughts which are much appreciated. I have actually undertaken steps very much along the lines of what you suggest and so it is pleasing to know that I am doing the right thing thus far. I shall have to give some more thought to my promotions perhaps and see what I can do to improve them further and maybe tie-in some extra freebies.


    Thank you very much indeed. Feel free to award yourself a large raise!


    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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    kenneth Skotnicki

    Air B&B  , take a vacation or staycation ,  Family time,  put together a wood shop,  and Use this time to do something creative  such as as build something to sell during the high season, whirligig, bird houses, a toen of remembrance , there are dozens or things you could build. This is called "sharpening you own saw"  take care of yourself. You will enjoy the season more when you see people buying your product. Do you have a liquor license? learn how to make craft beer and keg it or bottle it. learn how to build and admin your own webpage so you can cut out the crew that you pary now to manage and admin your page. I can come up with ideas all night long, put together Celtic music library. 

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    Paul Chatwin

    Hi Neil

    If it is correct that you are already fully booked for next season then you are in a great position and there is your answer.

    INCREASE your prices by at least 10% (probably even more) for your season in 2019 - it may takes a little longer to sell out but as long as you do, you are quids in.

    OFFER all of your seasonal guests 50% off a "cosy winter escape" - keeping the rates high so the 50% discount is probably close to your discounted off season rates anyway.

    ESCAPE for a month or two and enjoy a holiday - perhaps even visiting other similar businesses to see what they are doing (even in other Countries).

    And, as Kenneth has said, find the quality time needed to see where you can make improvements - my favourite being ways of boosting direct commission free bookings.


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    @Neil Andrew Lewis It amazing that you running 100% full from April to late October.


    I do agree with @Paul Chatwin That you need sometime to enjoy holiday and see other similar business to keep you update on this business field. And also you need your room to be rest and be able to do refurbish, touch up and make them in 100% good shape to be ready for April to October with higher rate than last year.


    But if you really need business during your low occupancy, you could offer value add such as free early check-in, late check out, F&B, gift etc. and perhaps next low season you can do super early bird offer with lowest rate that you want and start yield rate once it getting high demand.

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    Erik Klausen

    In the low season I use time to improve the property, make maintenance, so it is in good shape for the season. The art is to get the highest price in the season where guests are coming anyway. I give a discount to regular guests that are coming back year after year and who book directly. My properties are near the Mediterian in France.

    If I rent out in low season I would be looking for activities that can be offered by help of services in the area, walking groups, yoga, art classes, etc.


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    I agree with Paul - you need to rest yourself or you will burn out.  We take 3-4 weeks of our low season (July/August in southern Australia) to take an overseas holiday.  We warm up and escape our winter here, recharge our batteries and then come back for a full on summer season (October-March).  We also use the down time to close rooms down as required and paint/refurb ready for the peak.  It's also the time we invite friends to stay and have a break with us while it's quieter.  

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    I would like to invite partners like me to escape their hard winter at my property at special rates!!! Check your calendars and reserve your place now.

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    As written before, lower your price during those periods.  Alternatively, enjoy more free time !

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Ahoteiby Can you share where is your property?

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    Dear freinds,
    I am delighted that you redponded to my queri.
    My property name is (112) close to the American University in Cairo and state of the art shopping area in New Cairo. My location is short time to Cairo International Airport, Center of Cairo and the Egyptian musuem, the citedal, the pyramids and the Sphinx and sound and light. You can have one day trip to visit Alexandria and entertain having lunch with sea view, visit library of Alexandria and Roman Theater and other historical sites there.

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    You cannot make people want to come to your region if they want to be somewhere else. So if your region has a slow season you must provide a reason for people to attend. Do you have an "experience" provider you can partner with? For us that could mean fishing charters. Can you provide accom for guests to another tourist operation? 

    Can you contact local schools, companies, event managers, local government departments, who might need to accomodate someone and will prefer a discounted season. We accomodate judges for a national wine tasting during our off season. 

    Also we have had success with a postcard promotion where we sent special offer cards to past visitors, health workers (shift workers often have mid week days off), elderly citizens groups e.g. Lions Clubs or Probus, and even family friends. Make the deal for a fixed season or short time, but make it transferable so it can be passed to a friend. Print and post is relatively cheap and you get a definite measure of you success rate. Ie no discount unless guest brings in a discount card. 

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Neil Andrew Lewis ,

    Thank you for starting this conversation, you seem to be getting a lot of names to add to that Christmas list. 

    So I know of a resort in Lesotho which used to advertise themselves as a Ski Resort because of the amazing Snow during the cold months. Yes, they also have great slopes and all the things that goes with skiing. But they struggled to get reservations during summer. 

    They spent a bit of money and added another feel to their resort, which was sure to attract holiday-goers in the summer. In the summer they have quad biking, rollerballing (or something like that, it's some adventure thing), guided mountain hikes etc. They basically "transform" the place into an Adventure escape. I assume they do have the hire professionals to assist with these activities, and not everyone has a Resort as such but more an Apartment close to resorts, but it looks like it was well worth it if I look at the reviews. Now they are an Adventure Ski resort. 

    Maybe you can do a spin-off of that. Offer something Else in the summer time/ off peak time. 

    Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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    Eugenia Ruaburo Agbisit Sikdar

    Low season !!!! Drop your pricing to attract the guests looking for cheap & cheerful accommodation.

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    Villa Junona Croatia

    During all "low seasons" there are weekends. And there are people who want to spend them somewhere, not staying at home. So, having a hotel staying straight at the beachfront we see that when the high season ended people start coming without booking a room in advance. they either use "last minute deal" or just come "from the street".

    That´s why we decided to use Facebook and Instagram advertising- We start it Wednesday evening and keep running till Saturday morning. We target it to our neighbor countries, to people who can reach us within 5-4 hours by car - not too far to go for a sea weekend.

    Actually. last week spending only 2 euro for advertising we got 6 rooms (30% of our capacity) occupied from Friday till Monday,

    We repeated tis action this week and will see what happens.

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    Hello Neil

    Drop your pricing, do some promotions, you can do your own promotions through BDC or do the ones they have offered. Check out the competitions rates. Go on the rate intelligence BDC offers, this helps with your pricing correctly. 

    Location means everything. Luckily here, (in NY state, US) We are about a mile from a very popular Ski area/Outdoor Adventure Park.. which this winter season there, everything will be brand new. They have renovated almost everything. So we will attract the skiers (depending on the snow and temps). Actually getting our first snowfall tonight. I say Ski Area because its not a resort, so no lodging there. From our Motel at night, you can see the lights of the ski/snowboard trails. There is a beautiful restaurant at the Mountain (not affiliated with the Ski Area) that the views are amazing. We also have a very popular hiking trails within 4 miles from us. 

    We have on and off season rates. As well as Holiday rates. 

    Good luck to you !! Everyone here has great advise. 

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    Hello from Australia. We have had a BIG increase in bookings as soon as we allowed pets. We allow small indoor pets- sure the clean is a bit more involved, but the financial reward is worth the effort. It gets us through the quiet period. Hope this little tip helps, good luck with your business. Regards, Jonathan.

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    Greeting's Mr.neil.,

    i am from south india we have the same day's here too but below mentioned point's make us move a great one which i suggest for you too.

     Increase to be 50% Discount on  week days?)
    - provide (Free breakfast and car parking)
    - do not say the guest about the  minimum length of stay.

    -give the guest free cancellation policy in that dry day's, if you can.

    -give more compliment's for children and aged people

    put a meeting with the hotel group's near you and make a deal with them to offer more room with good percentage to them will give more booking's



    Marketing Manager

    for Hotel nalan

    south india

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    How long did it take to get the first client???

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    Dr. Hanaa Attia

    I also invite you all to enjoy the worm sunny winter in a wonderful villa like with wonderful garden ...and 2 minutes from the beautiful lake...also u will enjoy the cheapest price for buying anything in EGYPT....Near airport oft Borg Elarb..valuable memorial places ....with very special discounts...just look

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Dr. Hanaa Attia thank you for your invitation but can you share your property name?

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    In this respect dr Hanaa Attia can arrange a good day in Alexandria for you.

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    Our high season in Cairo starts now till End of June.

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    Eugenia Ruaburo Agbisit Sikdar

    By advertising special offers i.e. 20% discount ==30% discount =  For me it is better to have somebody and nothing at all. and it works!!!!

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts
    Dr. Hanaa Attia Very nice property you have.
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    FaRoyal Eilat

    What is special for the low-season? what is happening in your surroundings, events, that are unique that that time of the year?

    Perhaps try to incorporate that into your marketing / property photo with that special USP for that time of the year, make the disadvantage an advantage!

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    Jerry Larder

    Here in Belize, we are intensely seasonal. The low season is almost devoid of customers and we have found that no matter what incentives we offer, they are still not enough to make people jump on a plane to travel to a destination that is 2/3rds shut.
    I would advise a holiday, or doing major works on the estabishment that can't be done in high season.


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    Eugenia Ruaburo Agbisit Sikdar

    During the off peak season, I do a lot of redecorating  ready for the next season. Or I suggests in your business try to contact the organizations give them special offers as much as 30% ;;; finger x you might get  a few.  There are also  group travel agency such as Gullivers.  When I had a restaurant I recruited them to have group diners as happy hours between 5:00 - 7:00 - Good Discount - It work!!!!!

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    Eugenia Ruaburo Agbisit Sikdar

    ,Hi Jan ,


    I hand friends who joined the group travel to Thailand. Wow, they enjoyed so much.  Try the semi- retired or guests in their 60s-70s.  Contact the Church or any organization over 60s. They enjoy their holidays without so much people they can bump into.  There are also group of retired Police or any in the Public Sector; 

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    "Here in Belize, we are intensely seasonal".

    That's true. Sometimes its just about the city/country/season.

    Solution: invest in a country, where people rent every day

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