How can I receive full total price when guest no-show

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    If you have pay on arrival set up, it is up to you to charge the guest credit card.

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    We have a policy that if the room is cancelled within seven days of the arrival date and we are unable to relet the room we reserve the right to charge the full cost.

    Most guests behave correctly and phone, apologise and offer a reason. Those that don't call we tend to chase and if needs we resort to the on line small claims court (cost £25.00 which if found in our favour the 'no show' has to pay as well).

    With the email booking confirmation from as the contract plus when they booked they agreed to our t's&c's stated on our cancellation policy. We have to date been 100% successful in collecting.

    Fortunately I can still count the number of times we have had to go down this route on one hand in the last four years.    

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    I have one client who does not show up and I have informed by selecting the no show link. How do I get the full charges on such cases

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    Thank you for working with

    We’re writing to you about reservation for Onecia Ewing, check-in date 2018-04-27.

    In regards to your latest email, the No Show fee can only be processed by you unfortunately will not be able to take the payment on your behalf. If you would like to prevent the same thing happening again in the future we would suggest you to ask for Credit Card details and also maybe a deposit before the Guest's check-in date.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Kind regards,

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    On similar case , this is the answer I received from I'm making changes on my policies from now on , guests will have to book with credit card and a security deposit .

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    Roger Taer

    The irony of it all, Booking.Com is charging me commission for a No Show.  I am  new and did not realize that somebody booked prior to the date I officially opened.  Booking.Com is brutal and oppressive in dealing with their partners without due consideration.  It's sickening. Imagine, asking a commission for a revenue that is never earned,

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    Graham Fisher

    Welcome to the world of B&B'ing Rogertaer... if this is the worst that ever happens to you, count yourself lucky.  I'm afraid being a newbie is not taken as an excuse by anyone.


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    I have learned over the past 5 years to collect all the money owed 30 days prior to arrival.  I have 3 vacation rental homes and have been burned over the years on no-shows.  I now collect a 30% deposit upon booking and then collect the balance with a $100 damage deposit at the time when I collect the balance.  I am very flexible with guests because life happens but it forces guests to communicate with me if something happens and they want a refund.  You can avoid a lot of problems with payments and no-shows if you adopt a policy of collection long before they arrive.  If they provide credit card details that are declined, you have the option of checking that box and then cancelling the guest the next day if they don't communicate with you or update their credit card.  Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem with same day bookings but it will help.

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