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    Are you sure that the guest send 261euro? Did he send you a confirmation "slip"? I think those guests are lying that they get charged such a big fee. :)

    Contact if you can activate Payments by

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    Dear Pibomarco,


    thank you for your comment! Yes, the guest sent 261 euro, he attached also the confirmation slip. However, he sent it as BEN (costs of transfer shall be borne by the beneficiary). Do you use Payments by Booking? How much is the charge for it?



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    I am not familiar with this BEN thing. They should send payments through a "regular" bank if they want to make bank transfer. Yes I use payments by Booking. It's my first year and I am not sure about the charges. I will take a look at the next payout. 

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    I've checked and Payments by does not charge any additional fees for this service.

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    how can we set up payment through BC ??


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    You must contact BC.

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    Today I wanted to pay my bill: 450THB

    I made the payement by e-banking.

    After entering every detail my bank wanted to charge me 19sfr!

    19 Swissfrancs are 610 THB (Thai bath)!!!

    So I asked my wife who is in Thailand now if she can do this payement.

    At the bank they wanted to charge her 1000THB!!! for transfer.

    Whats going on here? This means that I must cancel my relation to

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    That's your bank problem, not's. doesn't charge any additional bank fees. Consider changing your bank (if possible) that doesn't charge such high commissions for international transactions. 

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    Agreed with pibomarco 100%.

    That issue is totally related to your personal ebanking terms and conditions.

    For example we are using American corporate account and switch from bank of america(5% international charges) to Capital One(no international fees`).

    So change the bank if possible but Booking has nothing to do with that.

    Good luck!

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