Guest pays on arrival or departure (we don't accept credit cards)

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  • Dear Tair,


    As a normal practice, guests pay at check-out, because you might sell other services, minibar usage or there might be some thing that needs solving (damages, etc.) therefore it's best to leave that till the end of their stay. 

    Sometimes people want to pay upfront to get over with the hassle, but that's just 5% of all guests.


    You can add this information as a Fine Print in BDC or you can select the option to charge deposits, but that might require you to have a capability to charge Virtual Cards, which from what you're saying, you cannot.


    Hope this helps,


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    You should think very seriously if you are allowing guest to pay at checkout instead of arrival if you do not process credit cards.Who's to say these people will not just leave without paying>

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    Zsolt, David,

    Thanks for your replies; we try to make sure that people pay with in 24 hours of arrival, but it would be great if this was mentioned in the small print when the guests are booking.

    I appreciate for larger establishments,with minibars etc, and who maybe take a credit card swipe that guests may pay at check out. We are a smaller set up and we offer something more similar to a "Self Contained Holiday Let".

    We have not had any issues, yet....... with guest not wanting to pay in the first day or so of their stay, It's just that it would be great if the guest was forewarned,  then if it's not something they like they are free to book elsewhere.

    Again, Thanks for your replies, Best wishes. Tair.

  • Dear Tair,

    I think that there is a way for you to become even more advanced with your payment processing.

    Send me a message here and let's talk about it

    Best regards,


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    Dear Tair

    You should seriously look at getting some sort of credit card facility. You need not use a card facility from  a bank (or your bank) as there are many other businesses or institutions offering these services at very reasonable fees. We had a card facility (machine) from our bank but terminated it and we are now using a credit card service offered by our channel manager at a fraction of the monthly fees we for the bank's facility. The commission is a slightly higher but we still save a lot of money! having a card facility will make things much easier for you.


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