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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    I trust you are well. 

    When it comes to policies, I must say I've had quite a number of dealings with the fine ladies and gentleman manning the phones at Booking.com. We have a similiar need because our Reservations department isn't at the property itself. 

    It was so refreshing to hear all the different suggestions from all the consultants who assisted me in working up the perfect policy which would not Scare off clients by asking for full payment (as such) and yet still gives me the right to charge a Prepayment at any time. 

    I strongly suggest getting hold of Booking.com (Telephonically is best so that you can describe what exactly you want to convey.) and creating a policy where you can charge a prepayment at any time. There will then also be a place in the policy where you can say you will refund any booking up and until (how every many) days before check in should they cancel. 

    I really hope this helps!

    Best of luck. 

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    Thanks for your comment. I find that very interesting that you have managed to find a was that this is displayed in a way that is accurate on their website. I have spoken to several people at Booking.com about this, including my account manager as their boss.
    Everyone has said that this cannot be displayed in any other way.

    Can you let me know the name of your property so that I can have a look at how this displays to guests and I can then go booking.com with this additional information.



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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    No problem, I hope I did understand you correctly though. 

    You're welcome to go and have a look at Crystal Springs Mountain lodge. It's near Pilgrim's rest in Mpumalanga, South-Africa. 

    I will hold thumbs for you!

    Kind regards

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