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    We have AC in our guest bedrooms, we ask that they turn it off when they go out, we ask that they make sure the window is closed. .......only 50% of guests do! It's really frustrating,. I'll adjust our rates for next summer...again.
    I have seen a device that fits on the window, only allowing for the AC to operate when closed, which I will investigate to see if it can be retro fitted.

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    Sarah Heard

    Hi,  I was just about to ask the same question - not sure if posting here will make this post "live" again to see if there is any more advice out there.

    I have a one bedroom apartment in Spain where I the tourist authorities mandate air-con is installed for tourist rental apartments.  I am just about to get it installed but I am seriously worried about the costs.

    I´m not worried about the southern European guests who generally understand how to use air-con,  I am more worried about the Brits and Northern Europeans who don´t often have it and don´t understand the need to close windows etc. to keep it operating efficiently.

    Any advice on how you deal with this without upsetting the guests or having too many "house rules" regarding use would be gratefully received.  Are there any gadgets which can help ?


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