Help, cannot figure out how to change settings

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    Hi, I started yesterday to try and set up my apartment and its really an impossible website. Im trying to change a few things, around pricing, sleeping accommodation and all I get on the help page is to go to ' Rates & Availability' tab which doesn't appear anywhere on my Apple MacBook . If I could just speak with someone , this could be sorted in minutes. Im about to give up on 

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    Please could I get assistance in setting up my site? I cant find where to enter rates or bed configuration that we offer. 

    As when I try to go back the page has disappeared.

    How do I start again to know I have everything correct.

    Like the gentleman above I'm about to give up!


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Jonathanwhitehorn, To be honest I never follow the Opportunity Center. For me it only for idea and how can you improve thing. Most of the time i just ignoire and discuss with Account Manager directly.

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Virgohynes, may be your browser is not support, please try change browser. I am recommend Google.

    Or just call hotel support.

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Doreen, for change rate you can go to rates &availability function. And for bed configuration, you go to property then room details.

    And if you still have problem, just call support team

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hello guys and welcome to the forum...

    Remember, begining is always hard...

    I would suggest  you use a desk   top computer to do your settings. It works better and at the end do not forget the save button.

    Have a good day....

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Yes agree with M, that to use desktop computer for easier and better setup.

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