How to get your property verified via video conference

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    I have a feeling that May have changed what it looks like but on your Home page (once you have logged into the extranet), right underneath the block where you need to put the verification code in, are two sentences. One says "I didn't receive my code" and the other one reads "I'm not at the property" <- the second one is the one you are looking for. 

    If you click that, someone from will give you a call to discuss the video option. 

    I must just advice though, you won't be able to verify 3 properties at once. sets up a Video call per property with someone who is Physically at the property. 

    Hope this helps!

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    Silvia Black

    Thank you Leandri, much  appreciated.  Yes, I do not have the home page with the block you where I can tell them that I am not at the property, so I have written to them again.   Now, for my next question: how do I go about getting the updated home page?

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    I don't think that they can do VDO call for verify property base on their security reason.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Big pleasure Silvia Black . Oh boy, what updated home page? Do you mean how can you make the property live now? Sorry, please explain a bit :-)

    Bandara Hotels & Resorts , thanks for your input. 2 of my properties were verified via Video call this year June. So hopefully they didn't recently change that? 

    Keep in mind, verifying via video call does have an effect. You will be open and bookable but with restrictions. There will be certain oppertunities that will not be available to you until either 1. you have been open for a longer time or 2. have received a certain amount of successful bookings. (Not sure how much).

    Hope this helps

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    Silvia Black

    Thank you all.

    BDC most definitely still do video conferences to verify properties, the problem is that there is no set procedure as to how to go about getting a video conference done.

    What eventually got the attention of the right people was to write to them via the Inbox explaining that we do not have postal deliveries and that I do not live at the property.

    They then replied and wanted to know whether I had at least 5 Airbnb reviews.

    So a quicker way might just be to write and explain that you do not live at the property, might not have postal deliveries, AND provide a link to your Airbnb reviews.

    I have now been promised a video call during the week. I trust that someone at BDC will take notice and update the procedure to get your property verified.


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    In this age and time people steal someone's else credit cards and not even afraid to show their face in video call at property in nowhere. That's why video call can be used as secondary option of verification.

    Postal mail is proper, cheap and documented by government way of verifying. Google uses that too.

    Since there are many problems with postal mail, I would suggest to Booking to use human resources, if the place is not in remote area. Saving few bucks on video calls is not worth bad reputation.

    Surely a video conference is a quicker and more effective way to verify a property than sending a letter by post in this day and age?

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    Leandri Klopper

    Thank you for your feedback Silvia Black! We wish you all of the best. 

    Katerinka12, yes effecient etc but I think purposely don't promote that they can help properties in this way considering it probably takes Much more effort from their side to ensure property actually does exist. It's their name on the line, so doing an odd few verifications via Video call is acceptable to them but I doubt that they will do all of their millions of listings like that. 

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