CORRECT NUMBER FOR HOST HELP IN PERU PLEASE!!! guests still leaving without paying!!!

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    I had the same problem two weeks ago and lost the difference. I even was insulted by the clients and also they posted a bad review about my hotel. Do not expect prompt support. I posted about it a few hours earlier. I am sorry for you. I felt the same.

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    Thanks, it is very frustrating to not be able to talk to a person for help!!!  and... the number for Peru is wrong and I have tried different avenues... the forum being one of them. I would love to drop Booking all together but it is where a lot of our guests book from unfortunately. I am not sure why we pay such high commission rates with NO HELP!!!??  someone just booked on ours... 2 people 2 nights for $10!!!! ??? and this does not reflect my prices listed. 

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