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    M Adamopoulou


    In the Reservations tab if you select date from to date until (1.1.2018 - 31.12.2018) and click show you have all your reservations and cancellations in front of you. I find it very easy and convenient.

    Have a nice weekend...


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    Dear M Adamopoulou


    Thank you for your tip. Much appreaciated.

    My main concern is that sometimes I have a cancellation, for example today I had one, but in which the booking was made 5 months ago, so to see in a glance what is the booking reference for which it was cancelled, I need to go my email and extract the booking reference and then look for that specific booking. The problem is that in the extranet, to find the booking with the search function it only returns results that are have been made in the last 3 months, so sometimes (which was the case today), even having the booking reference, I need to manually find it, which is time consuming. The work around is go to the Pulse app to see which dates and to which apartment (i have more then one) and then go to an excel sheet where I keep track of it to find the exact date and then go to the Reservation tab and filter it as per your suggestion. Not at all efficient.

    If someone is able to confirm if this feature (of having an activity of what happen in the last day(s)) is possible, I would be very thankfull.


    Once again M Adamopoulou, thank you for your reply.


    Best regards,



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    M Adamopoulou

    Rubenbarulho I don’t exactly agree. In searching your reservations you can go back almost a year. At this moment I searched mine and I can see all my reservations of last year. Are you searching in your reservation tab? Or in your calendars? If you still have problems then call your BDC local office or send them a message request through your Extranet inbox.
    Have a nice day and hope you resolve it.

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