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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Amos  from Kibokoafrica

    That is not a happy start to see people book but not show up. Not being experienced and forgetting or not knowing how to tick the " no-show" box should be something easy to solve. If people don't show up, you don't have to pay commission.

    Problem is that you don't have proof that they didn't show up. They could have shown up and you may have received cash money..

    That is why the no show reporting has to be used instantly after guests not arriving. 

    I would ask at least 10% for guests to pay as a deposit at the time of booking. Than they are motivated not to play around.

    The cancellation policy for BDC is different from other platforms, and they allow for future guests to book with many different places at once and then in the end choose what they like best without cancelling the not chosen units. So these potential guests just ignore the booking and are rewarded, and the host is suffering since he has a lot of stress, financial pain and can't replace the booking for other guests, simply because there is no time for it. 

    I think this whole cancellation policy should be changed. And we can request them to change it. 

    The biggest problem I see is for small places that only host two or three people. They suffer the most. And for you three in a row is very disappointing. 

    Try the 10% first and see how you go Amos. 

    Keep up the good works and enjoy hosting. 

    Wishing you many great guests. 


    greetings from New Zealand host,

    Aaltje B. 



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    Thank you much your post was very helpful.sometimes a host is forced to endure the pain of a guest who never shows up.like my last booking 20 Chinese Nationals had reserved a booking and they never showed up.i guess you can feel the pain I had to undergo.

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    Aaltje B.

    I cannot imagine the pain! My unit is only very small. But if you have prepared 20 beds. No good! 

    Because if you see 20 people making reservations your heart jumps up, and you get very excited. And your heart sinks when they finally never show up. 

    Enfin.  Try to forget it and focus on the solution.

    I don't know if the 10 % deposit will work for you. Try small amount first and see if you receive the full amount. Keep track of all payments, don't wait till end of the month.

    That way you can respond straight away if things didn't go to plan and ask via the inbox why your payment hasn't come through. 

    Keep in touch Amos. ( Obadiah, Jonah, haha) 


    Aaltje B.

  • Dear Amos,

    You need to work with cancellation charges to be sure to not have no-shows and for that you have to be able to charge the guest cards.

    Get that sorted out, if you cannot, get in touch with me and I can steer you in the right direction.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    We had negotiated with them that I secure 20 tents for them in a free space outside our rooms. I am an experienced mountain guide/Porter in Mount Kenya that made me to list a property in this platform in order to connect to trekkers directly from Nairobi to give them a good time to acclimate in Nanyuki a nearby town.haha Mr. Moredicai/Nebukadinezzar.wow you have a good looking space there under thuild.com.i can still recomend you to other parties who wants to venture in Romania.also check my listing in booking.com in the search Nanyuki Laikipia write the name Buens Lugar on it am an experienced mountain trekker in Mt Kenya national park.thank you

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    I preffer having "less" bookings rather to be in "constant" stress because of no-shows ect.
    Try with strict policies.

  • Amos, you cannot be successful here unless you make some changes and as Marco suggested, do that too.

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    Thuild i frequently visits travel discussions in booking.com and i noticed nobody have created a community about Romania.What if an interested traveler wants to know a thing about Romania?.Am telling you this because am outside Europe and i can convince a person good places in your place.

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