Problemi a registrare camere

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    Aaltje B.

    Buongiorno Apartmentandrooms Parus


    Can anyone answer this question in the Italian language please. 

    I think it says :  I have problems registering rooms ?  Correct. (love Italian but can't speak it) 

    Anyway, any helpful advice from the forum, please? 

    Would be great. 

    If it takes longer than a day, you can login via the Extranet, then find the Inbox and lets you message your question, or you contact your help team via telephone in your country. 

    Hope this helps, ciao

    Aaltje (Ella) B. 


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    Apartmentandrooms Parus

    Hi ... you can answer also in english :) I didnt't speek very well but I think I will understand. Yes, it says that I have problem registering rooms because I didnt't have the option "add room" but "cerate new property" and in intent toi register room I create a duplicate of a property. So how can I cancel this duplicate and add two rooms? I have an apartment already registered ... now I want to add this rooms which were just renovated ... this 3 units can be booked separately but are on the same property, in the same house (same ID). Sorry for my english. Hope you can help me. Thank you

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    Aaltje B.

    Ah thank you Apartmentandrooms Parus ! that simplifies things. Great!

    Fluff can you help out with this one, please? 

    Thank you very much. 



    Aaltje B.

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