Do you really get more bookings if you offer breakfast?

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Gomezduran / Debra

    It looks like you are not really eager to do the extra work.

    It depends also where you are situated. If out in the wops wops it would be good to offer something, in order to have the full package. 

    And who wouldn't like fruit in the morning with fresh coffee? 

    When in the city with lots of other opportunities like cafes I wouldn't bother too much. 

    If you have the skills and experience I would definitely use that to your advantage and splash out.

    But the variety you offer you can limit. If you have high quality food people will soon rave about it and it will attract more guests.And you can ask what you think it's worth.

    You could ask guests to let you know what they like for breakfast upon arrival,  so you offer them what they will eat.

    I find it frustrating and costly to find food items untouched and you can't use it for new guests, and then you have to throw it out after. That is unnecessary waste. 

    My unit is rural and we offer fresh milk on request, and that is about 50%  using it. Many people are allergic to milk, or gluten here in NZ . I don't offer them soy milk, oats milk, goats milk etc. But having a bigger scale property it would be worth while.

    At some stage I made waffles. People loved them!   And I have light continental available for "free". Like muesli and oats. Some people use it, other prefer bread and eat their own. (but use the toaster)

    I can't see a lower amount of people coming through since I narrowed down on breakfast items. And we are called self contained. So the milk and muesli are a bonus. 

    It's all up to you what you think is suitable for you. 

    And you can also try out different things, and see what goes best. 

    Enjoy hosting, 


    Aaltje B.  




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