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    Congrats! If you have any tips or tricks for your fellow partners, we would love to hear them. Create a new post in here so partners can learn from all your amazing advice :-) 

    Keep up the great work in 2018! 

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    You sent me an email saying I had won an award but when I click on the link to download a digital version of the award it says I didn't win one !!!

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    Dmitriy Bolobolov

    Hello Brooke,

    I wonder why Communities Team left comments only when there is something positive regarding reviews and absolutely ignoring all threads with negative feed-backs on current review system or anonymous or unfair reviews as well? There is a huge problem with them actually and owners would like to see involved and make changes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for your question Dmitriy, 

    The Partner Forum has been created for Partners to help one another grow their businesses. At times the communities team will jump in to support these conversations and encourage this overall mission. We are also working hard to ensure your feedback gets to the right teams within However, our main goal is to create a space that's really just for you. 

    Thanks for your participation in the Partner Forum, your advice is so valuable to your fellow partners and we really appreciate your feedback. 

    Have a great day,


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    Dmitriy Bolobolov

    Hello Brooke,

    Sorry to say but there is no answer to my question in your reply.

    The question is why threads with negative feedback regarding reviews and review system are totally ignoring by staff?

    If the goal is to help Partners grow their business then should be also involved into such important discussion as current review system.

    While you encourage only positive posts other threads with problems are growing even more significantly. Moreover, because of nobody show up there Partners feel that they are not important.

    Unfortunately, Review Team have been making the same mistake for a long time though and if you just pass comments to them it means nothing.



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