Last Minute Cancellation and Cancellation Charge

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    Hi if a guest NO SHOWS you must go into your extranet and report the guest as a NO SHOW this is on the right hand side of every booing and must be done within 48 hours of the no show

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    HI There, I have communicated with guests to cancel the booking last night. I was tried to figure out how to do the full refund. Finally I successfully did the refund already however when I clicked cancellation on the guest booking, it says I have to contact as it is over 48 hours before check-in date. What should I do now?

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    Can you not ask the guest to cancel? you should ask them to do this before you make a refund.

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    Here we go again!!!  A guest booked 3 days ago for tomorrow night.  I emailed them THREE times asking for their arrival time, any special diets, etc but no reply.  I asked to contact them on my behalf because contact numbers now appear to be "locked" on all bookings received since Jan 2019.

    Within moments, the booking was cancelled!!!

    The Policy clearly states that a late cancellation incurs a 50% charge of the total rate.

    I composed an email pointing this out politely, with my bank details, but the email did not go through - presumably because they had cancelled and our line of communication had ended.  I have now emailed to contact them on my behalf.  Let's see.

    Should there not be a positive outcome, I will start to add the name and nationality of all those who behave in this way without paying the cancellation fee, on this Forum.  This is not the first time this has happened and have never dealt with the issue.

    There is no point having the Policies if they cannot be enforced.

    What a way to start 2019!!

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    The guest contact numbers can be viewed by clicking on the words that say Show phone number this appears to the right of the guest address.

    If you are working by way of the guest making payment by bank transfer into your account well unfortunately you have zero chance of enforcing your policies.

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    Thank you very much, David.  The "lock" has never appeared before and I assumed it was locked!  Happily the number of my other bookings are there.

    However, it is very distressing to hear that I will have "zero chance of enforcing your policies".  Ouch!

    I have since noticed on the Pulse app that my guest was indicated that there was a 50% cancellation fee but for some reason had automatically put a line through the amount with the message that they "will not be charged" this amount!!!  I am staggered.  I have asked for my money which was falsely indicated on their site as not payable.

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    If you do not accept credit or debit cards then you are at the mercy of guest paying money by way of bank transfer that can often take days or not at all. At least if you have credit card details you can pre authorise or charge the guest the minute you receive the booking depending on your policies.

    Though you rightly have been wronged look at it this way, why would a guest now go to the trouble of transferring money into your account for no benefit to himself? and how can you force him to do so? for sure will not be that helpful I'm sure.

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    We had a reservation due to arrive today and when I go into the guest's reservation in the Booking extranet, the following message appears...

    Availability Removed – No Longer Liable

    This booking is part of the Risk-Free Reservation Program and was canceled by the original guest, but as the availability of the room was manually removed and not restored by Sun, 14 Apr 2019, will not pay for it.

    Due to lack of room availability by Sun, 14 Apr 2019, will not be liable for the payment.

    It is unclear what Booking means by "the room was manually removed and not restored"... By the guest? By hotel staff? We can confirm that our property did not manually remove availability. 

    This room was in fact available, so why does Booking think it wasn't? Can somebody help us here? 

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