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    We are not hosting just one type of guests you know. I once booked a more expensive hut just because it had also a jacuzzi, once there I didn't use it not even once.. It's always preffereable to have a wider offer of amneties/facilities.. Why not? competition is getting bigger and better from year to year. 
    TV's are good (for some or at least majority) such as in case of a really bad weather and some guests decide to stay in their room preffereably.. I think those kumbaya singing guests while holding hands and huging the trees are not in majority. :) I my 20 years of business I've got one guest (wookie) that complained about the TV being in the room (although in the description was noted that TV's are in the rooms).. And one Hara Krishna geusts requested on the time of booking if the whole TV can be removed from the room. I told them I can remove the remote control if they are not strong enough to hold their urges not watching a TV lol. I know it's not rigt.. but c'mmon. Anyway lots of guest doesn't watch TV on vacation.. They just don't watch it while TV is in the room.

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    Hi all,

    We have a smart tv in each room.  We allow guests to access our Netflix account. We have not had any issues at all.  Guests seem to really appreciate having access to Netflix.

    (I like Netflix too).





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    A wider offer of amenities is always better no matter if they use them or not.  Lake Worth motel  with 20 rooms, from petite studios, efficiencies with kitchen to 2 bedrooms units we have a few smart TVs and the guests who have accounts such as hulo, netflix etc Love it... Some guests love that we offer the football package thru Direct TV in our extended stay facility along with several Spanish stations, music a wide variety of things is better than nothing offered.

    Some guests just like the noise..It keeps them calm....

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    With a 25 room motel in regional Australia and Foxtel , we find that it is better to have a high quality TV and good wifi. We will be reducing our Foxtel subscription shortly as it does not offer enough value.

    Running smart TV's without enough bandwidth will kill your internet connection particularly here in Australia until they get the NBN working properly.

    A good model of TV's is the Samsung Hotel Series, you can lock down the controls and volume etc. Also for install / upgrade is really good as you can set one TV up and then just clone it.


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    Nice, never thought about for those kind of TV's. Do you know aproximly the price range for those hotel TV's? 

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    Check on line and see what you can source.

    Not sure which country you are in but we are in Australia and we purchased ours from the Good Guys. 

    You will need to check which size screen you need depending on the size of your room, etc.,

    There iss a formula that you can use.



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    Europe here. Size of the room doesn't really matter from my point of view.. The bigger the better lol. aprox 45" is good :) I use for myself 65" in 20 square meter room and still find it little bit to small lol. 

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    We find the wi-fi satisfies most guests streaming needs. We have two on property and guest have trouble switching between inputs often.

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    We have a couple of smart TVs  and not sure if they are appreciated or not, guests do not comment about them.

    We did have one set of guests who had signed into their Netflix account and apparently left it loged in, other guests were using it and then one of the kids accidently logged out of it HA HA. The mother came over dmanding that I give her the password for the Netflix and I had to explain we don't have that facility and she would have to use her own account. She wasn't happy, but I never found out if the original guest had any issues with being forgetful.

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    Tv s radios ,clocks ,flys climbing up the walls ,

    all my tvs are old ones ,not smart,when I got them ranging from 

    free from the dump recycling ,,sony free 32cm

    to a new Samsung ;(not smart)55cm 500$,

    chomecast turns any old tv ,into smart tv for $60 bucks*****

    yes complaining ,ya always gunna get it 

    *as I always say 

    when getting a shit stayer ,

    its a numbers game 

    for ever one complaint,I get ten who say they really like cromecast

    some people can’t get there heads around it

    all good ,I’m a bit slow ,when I got it ,the first month or so 

    cromecast ,they watch what they watch on there phones or lap tops

    yes pilbmarco,cbsupers,andyes ducommum  comments 

    tech is moving along 

    smart phones 

    smart tvs(gromecast ,nomecast)

    if ya with it or not 

    internet is for the young ,budget stayers ,and long stayers

    rainny day option 

    again they cast from there ph s

    muzic,movies ,dodos u tube

    theyre all happy I’ve found with old tvs and cromecsat,

    havnt had one complaint ,other than 

    a millionaire who commented that the internet 

    was slow in the cabin ,but ok in the main lodge,house

    but he complained about a kiwi big breakfast that was free,

    that I forgot the orange juice at breakfast, after he sat up allnight

    with another quest drinking in the lounge and leaving potato chip all over the floor and beer cans on the coffee table , when he comes from  his own a 600  a night place to mine at 50

    yes internet may get slow but they’ll ok ok with it 

    they’ll tell you if it not working fast 

    I don’t worry it a free extra (wifi) 




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    We have smart TV's where guests can use their own netflix accounts.... some don't sign out but they soon realise when they get home and cant use it there... has never caused a problem.  We have quite a few workers/long stay guests and they love having a different option.

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    Starhaven Retreat

    We have Samsung Smart TVs in our rooms, which have been a hit with guests, we have added Apple TVs in each room which has made it much easier for guests to access our on demand movies. It has however made the smart functions on the TV less relevant.

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    We only have a small b and b but all  our rooms have smart TV's. We have never had a problem at all. Very few guest use more that the freeview. We are on Exmoor and so perhaps the TV is not a major draw for our guests.

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    we have Hisense Smart TV's. Half the price of LG and do a great job. Find them online and save. Kill off Foxtel and put in netflix. 

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    I have used the Hisense in some of our rooms and a great TV at the price as well. We want o kill off Foxtel as well but can't find a way to roll NetFlix out at present as no commercial package. Would be interested to know how you do it.

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    Stay send me an email

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    Lucky Pete

    Our current TVs use a USB style wifi set up but our next ones will be smart TVs running Netflix. When we built we ran LAN cable to the TV sockets but that was a waste of money.

    One thing our guests really do like is that we also ran HDMI cables from the TV through the wall to another spot in the lounge. They are able to connect their own devices to the large screens and watch that day's GoPro footage etc.

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