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    I think a central system is better as you would have more control over it as Samuel mentioned. We offer free Wifi for guests and find that guests are happy to stream their own Netflix/Sky to their own devices if they have membership.

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    The Inn Keeper

    We Put an LG smart TV in each room but the features are pointless as I also upgraded the Cable to a new system that has so many great easy features that no one uses the TV menu. 

    We have a site B&B account and request people not sign into their own. The cable has voice search, on demand and no Fox news as I don't want to pay for it with so many options of things to watch. 

    The TV has Netflix signed in, Youtube, and Plex Media server is set up... but no one uses them.

    My advice, get a bigger 4K tv with the money you'd save by not getting a smart TV. But don't get a cheap TV. 

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    We have apple tv devices in all rooms with an in-house (complimentary) Netflix account,

    we had a user sign in to their own account only once or twice 

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    Can see the value for apartments but as a small hotel we do not offer this as most stays are one night and more concerned about getting wifi

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    Yves Ducommun


    I've just learnt from a guest that a good option is as follows:

    • get a strong wifi connection with a good coverage,
    • then buy Google Chrome cast streaming media player. Between 20-75USD depending on the type,

    The good thing is you don't need a smart TV, as long as it has a USB port. It's easy to set-up and since it's rather small, either you secure it to your TV and you make it available at reception against a deposit, to avoid any mishaps...

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards / Yves

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    Hi, in our particular case we have a Netflix premium account (which allows you to stream to 4 devices at once) we setup Apt 1 Apt 2 Apt 3 Apt 4 as users in the Netflix menu and instruct each guest to use the user that corresponds with the room. we also use a few MAG254 Boxes with Papiao IPTV membership  (google it) for users who would rather flip through TV channels like they would do normally (with cable) 

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    We had to upgrade our televisions so went for a Samsung Smart in each room.  Guests seem to love them and it is one less thing we have to worry about in regards to negative comments (although in saying that I'm sure we will get a complaint about them being Samsung and not being able to accept their device for whatever reason).  The Smart TVs do allow guests to access music, internet, emails etc so that has to be a good thing.

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    I installed LG Smart TV's last year in one of my properties and as they have been so successfull will be installing them into all of my properties over the next 12 months.  We live in a very rural area with exceptionally poor reception which meant we had to have digi boxes.  These have been a real pain as guest get confused with the different TV controls/settings etc.  whereas these LG Smart TV's offer so much more and are so easy to operate - even I can work them out and Guests love the Netflix and Internet facilities with them. Expensive - Yes - Worth the Money - Without a Doubt.

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    We have smart tv's and we have also pit Amazon fire stick in other tv's. We have a dedicated Netflix account so guests can watch films etc and pin Locked our Amazon prime account so they can watch films but not order any.

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    Hi all,

    We have a smart tv in each room.  We allow guests to access our Netflix account. We have not had any issues at all.  Guests seem to really appreciate having access to Netflix.

    (I like Netflix too).





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    Adisham Wije

    adhishm village hoe haputale

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    Interesting reading these. Rural NZ. We are concerned coming into winter months forking out  a large sky bill every month as well as lease on  tvs. We were looking to upgrade TVs to smart tvs with built in freeview add in a chromecast and dump SKY.


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    We do not have smart TVs but have satellite tv decoders with a lot of channels. I think it is a bit tricky using an establishment's Netflix account. Also you could be opening up your establishment to security vulnerabilities with a smart tv running android software

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    We have put smart TV's into the rooms and have problems with the guest using them. "too complicated" For the savvy user they log onto e-mail and their own Netflix account. no problem.


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    I've got one but I don't think many people realise it is, performance is very dependant on how good your WiFi is. An option is to add a ChromeCast to existing TVs or better still hire one out to Guests (non-commission-able extra).

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    We installed internet (google cast) tv's into the cabins three years ago. Eighty percent of my guests love it, mostly elderly guests have trouble figuring out how to connect to the tv's through their mobile devices. Often Tv's in 'other' cabins are activated for it seems to be difficult to follow the directions we provided.

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    I wouldn't recommend it unless you have enough bandwidth for all customers and a hardy router/WiFi setup with several repeaters during the busy times of the year. Imagine what can happen if even half of the guests are each consuming a 3 mb stream. Your guests would be complaining of slow or non-existent access. Those who bring their game systems would also see horrendous ping(the amount of time it takes for data to be sent and received) time. Most ISPs, unless you live in a major city, don't offer more than around 100mbps connections and even that can't be depended on. Customers who really need access to streaming content will be streaming anyway on their own PC and other video/media devices. Our hotel does have a few TVs that have streaming capability since this is becoming a common feature in newer units, but we don't advertise this to the customers.

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    A wider offer of amenities is always better no matter if they use them or not.  Lake Worth motel  with 20 rooms, from petite studios, efficiencies with kitchen to 2 bedrooms units we have a few smart TVs and the guests who have accounts such as hulo, netflix etc Love it... Some guests love that we offer the football package thru Direct TV in our extended stay facility along with several Spanish stations, music a wide variety of things is better than nothing offered.

    Some guests just like the noise..It keeps them calm....

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    Check on line and see what you can source.

    Not sure which country you are in but we are in Australia and we purchased ours from the Good Guys. 

    You will need to check which size screen you need depending on the size of your room, etc.,

    There iss a formula that you can use.



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    Tv s radios ,clocks ,flys climbing up the walls ,

    all my tvs are old ones ,not smart,when I got them ranging from 

    free from the dump recycling ,,sony free 32cm

    to a new Samsung ;(not smart)55cm 500$,

    chomecast turns any old tv ,into smart tv for $60 bucks*****

    yes complaining ,ya always gunna get it 

    *as I always say 

    when getting a shit stayer ,

    its a numbers game 

    for ever one complaint,I get ten who say they really like cromecast

    some people can’t get there heads around it

    all good ,I’m a bit slow ,when I got it ,the first month or so 

    cromecast ,they watch what they watch on there phones or lap tops

    yes pilbmarco,cbsupers,andyes ducommum  comments 

    tech is moving along 

    smart phones 

    smart tvs(gromecast ,nomecast)

    if ya with it or not 

    internet is for the young ,budget stayers ,and long stayers

    rainny day option 

    again they cast from there ph s

    muzic,movies ,dodos u tube

    theyre all happy I’ve found with old tvs and cromecsat,

    havnt had one complaint ,other than 

    a millionaire who commented that the internet 

    was slow in the cabin ,but ok in the main lodge,house

    but he complained about a kiwi big breakfast that was free,

    that I forgot the orange juice at breakfast, after he sat up allnight

    with another quest drinking in the lounge and leaving potato chip all over the floor and beer cans on the coffee table , when he comes from  his own a 600  a night place to mine at 50

    yes internet may get slow but they’ll ok ok with it 

    they’ll tell you if it not working fast 

    I don’t worry it a free extra (wifi) 




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    We only have a small b and b but all  our rooms have smart TV's. We have never had a problem at all. Very few guest use more that the freeview. We are on Exmoor and so perhaps the TV is not a major draw for our guests.

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    If you have a Netflix account for guests to use is it a commercial account or just one under the motel name?


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    I am planing to buy new smart TV's for my 4 bungalows that already have a netflix button on the remote control with a premium plan for Chalet 1, Chalet 2, Chalet 3 and Chalet Superior. The accounts will be automaticly logged in when they will access NETFLIX via TV directly. 
    In case if data would be stolen etc.. Netflix has a fast and quick support it would be easily to retain account back in a moment. I don't beleive this would happen though. 

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    I have not think about it before this discussion. We do have smart TV in the room but use as normal Tv.

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    Apartment Jolie

    Have a question...


    I have Smart TV and have an option to use Netflix but i dont have netflix account...

     I have in one hand (have netflix) and in the other  i dont have (no netflix account)...

    Let me say, I am NETFLIX ready...

    So, can I click on option in my room description that I have Streaming service (such as Netflix) or not...




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    Michael Hayes

    Not so sure it's necessary. We have cable and many channels and that seems sufficient.

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    Jolie, I think not, well better not as a prevention, because some guests will be dissapointed who will think they can watch netflix. :) 

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    We're a small 25 rooms hotel located in a mountain resort town. Although the idea sounds appealing as an added amenity most of our guests spend time outdoors and are satisfied with regular cable. 

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    We have smart TVs in some of our holiday houses and would recommend, especially for winter guests.

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    Our internet connection is very slow and expensive, so whilst we would love to have this available, sadly no.

    We offer glorious ocean views instead, just lucky we are on The Great Ocean Road.



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