How to deal with people, who are satisfied on our face but are posting bad reviews on

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    8.4 or 8.3 is not "bad" :) If you want to improve your score try to give something extra to your guests. Talk, get to know them. They are human beings and even small attention they get can dramatically improve your score. Be there if they have a problem. Free drink, honest smile, nice chat or small cheap souvenir can make their impression much better. I have been maintaining review score 9.8-9.9 for the last 5-6 years (100+ reviews) so I am familiar with the "review score challenge". Hospitality is a business in which human interaction makes a huge difference. I hope that helps.

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    A Simick

    I really empathise with Muhammad Saeed. 99% of my reviews are between 9 and 10. Last year I had a single female guest who wrote a scathing review and rated me a 4. She also reported me to the City because she thought I had an illegal suite. She was wrong but it still wasted my time and the City's. That one review knocked my average down to 9.4. I feel that hosts should be able to request that an obviously vindictive review be eliminated from their average. would then be able to evaluate it and eliminate it if they felt the review was clearly unjustified

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    It certainly hurts when we think guests have had a wonderful stay but then they turn around and leave a negative review.  It is hard not to take it personally.


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    European Connection

    This is a worst type of experience, even worse then straightforward agression or even racism. People stay at your place, make no complaints, then tell you everything was ok at check out, and then write devastating review, often followed by untrue remarks.No idea how to tackle this problem.

    Person who reported you to the city was really wile. Either racist or sociopath.


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    A Simick

    I never take reviews personally but when an unjustified bad review affects my rating I think there should be some recourse. The woman who reported me to the city must have been a sociopath - she had no reason (except perhaps jealousy?) to report me to the city. Certainly not racist as she had the same ethnic origin as me - a Brit living in Canada.

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    European Connection

    About racism and xenophobia-as I wrote in other topic, I have noticed that people with racist, and, especially nativist xenophobic (anti immigrant, pro locked borders) tendency react very negatively and strongly on ethnic and migrant staff. So if employ receptionist, kitchen staff, or repair workers of different race, or with visibly immigrant origin, such person might have felt strong frustration and hate, which they often afraid to display directly, being even more pissed off in the end.

    In two years of work I learnt to identify such individuals(except for obvious cases) for some very clear attitude patterns:

    1. People who begin to act unnatural, very tense once they identify that receptionist, cook or someone else from the staff belongs to the group they dislike(some people dislike immigras, some, more elderly - people of color, some people dislike gays etc)

    2. If some foreign, non Western language (even Spanish, not to talk about Slavic languages or lets say Urdu) is spoken by your staff, such guests usually seem even more visibly irritated, sometime even display their disapproval openly by giving funny look or even making verbal complaint.

    3. You may suspect  the xenophobe if someone is starting  conversation with a staff, uninvited and disturbing their work, and is asking questions like: "where are your from"?", "where are you really from" (if person answers that he is actually local), "what is your native language" (even if person speaks the language of the country)

    4. Clear sign of the xenophobe are asking minority members of your staff questions like" how did you come here?","why did you come here?" and "are you considering returning to your country anytime soon"?

    5. In extreme and very rare cases some openly racist person might directly abuse someone on the premices, but in fact it is less dangerous, because you can then evict such client immedeately.

    Either way if anything like above happened, you may expect person to give very low rating, and also try making other complaints if she or he can.

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