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    I enjoy surprising guests with unexpected services. It's nice to help more and make my guests feel welcome and relaxed like they are at home. 

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    European Connection

    We have done it, but encountered a problem. We were giving guests the present-bottle of vine and chocolades. Some guests wrote about this in their reviews, and since it became an obligation-if guest does not receive free vine and chocolate, they complain.Another aspect is keeping actual profit up-for example we would gladly provide room service for free, but we can economically support this.

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    You posted very interesting topic. I have a lot of experience in job with guests. Personally, I think that most important thing from the host is to be simple. If you have a luck to meet simple guests, you can easily connect with them and have relaxing conversation. Have a nice smile,simple and guests will see it and apreciate your behavions. Give guests to try homemade specialities, talk with them, be patient and handsome. It is not all in money. I think is better to meet nice people who will make reservation in your object again than earn few hundreds euros or dollars. Have a nice way to present them your area on interesting way and be well informed. They have to feel and relaxed like they're at home.That is the key for the satisfied guests.

    Nice topic.

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