Malicious and racist reviuws

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    Cowboy Junkie

    Maybe the resolution for this kind of malicious and mischievous reviews is a system were guests can also be rated (like many other booking sites) so that this kind of behavior can be identified...

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    I totally agree...

    I've just posted about a guest having booked a room for single occupancy but arrived with his wife expecting to stay to what works out to be £17.50 each a night! He then left a scathing review saying he had to stump up another £70 to stay even though I showed him he'd booked for one person!

    Other things guests write are very subjective things...pillows too hard/too soft, mattress to hard/too soft, beds too high/too low we can't win.

    Some other booking agents give you the power of veto...should have say 3, so need to choose wisely but at least the option is some reviews are petty and unreasonable. I personally don't reply to any...I just don't have the time especially in the summer months...but some of them really get under you skin!

  • £17.50/p is a very reasonable if not low rate...I charge R 350/p here in SA, and that isn't a big town but country side. I specifically point out in my apartment tabels, price for 1 person, 2, 3, 4 and so on. The more people share, the more obviously the rate drops down. For breakfast I have made an arrangement with a local restaurant, so this saves me the hassle and work. I never had people complaining about pillows, mattresses or bedding at all, but I can imagine that this occurs in Europe. Cleaningness and representation is the most important thing, also a warm welcome, offering some cold drinks or a coffee. It's the little things guests appreciate, simply be yourself, accommodating and always friendly. The only thing I struggle with most is the "pavement option", as i do not have a credit card facility, so people have to pay via eft in advance..that sometimes takes a bit of follow ups, as some people simple book...but then never show up, nor answer my messages...they obviously also never pay in a case of no's a bit of a hassle. However, all in all I have had a good feedback in bookings and positive reviews from guests...the commission could be a little lower around 12%, as rates must be competitive.

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