How to limit guest amount for 100%? allows more people to come

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    Great question! The quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet for this topic. 

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    I had the same problem recently where booked one room x3 and another x2 all on the same night.   As the bookings were made the day before arrival it was difficult to sort even though I phoned and sent mails to immediately   Basically they did nothing, it was a complete headache trying to accommodate everyone.   I sent one family to a neighbours B&B and another family could not stay as one of the guests was very unwell.   When I first contacted I was told I would have to pay if anyone was relocated which is not correct they allowed the problem to happen!   They have advised me it will not happen again.. fingers crossed.

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    Robert Daniel

    There will be a spot where you’ve allowed for children and adults, if you can find that it can be manually adjusted.

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