Beware of potentially dangerous spam emails that look so much like real emails !!

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    Thanks for sharing this with us,

    Please be sure to forward any suspicious emails you receive to The team will then investigate and get back to you. 

    Thanks again for sharing. 


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    Have just done so, Brooke. Many thanks.

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    Sorry, how do you know this is a fake email, it looks real to me, I received them a lot, thanks for this, is always good to know!

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    Looks very real.... but look closely and it says 

    and in my case they got our email address wrong. They used my personal one and not my hotel’s one. 


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    i figure that when you click in the https they will send you to a page and ask for your sign in code...

    thank you for the advise

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    Anil Farmhouse

    Thank you for informing. It is very realistic!

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