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    Good morning,

    We encountered the same situation with our policies so we decided to list on a first night's forfeiture if canceled 3 days prior to arrival and 100% of stay within 3 days of arrival; however our policies (non holidays) are actually $50 3 days prior to arrival and the first night's forfeiture within 3 days. That way when some of the guests requests a free cancellation they don't balk when we make an "exception"of charging $50 (instead of the first night) or the first night instead of 100% of stay. Other than that the cancel policies listed with other OTAs (Expedia) are the same as ours. Contact your account manager. They should be able to give you options as well.

    I hope this helps. 

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    As soon as the guest books send them a confirmation stating your cancellation policy

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    Nino Jejelava

    did anybody manage to have any tip on the case when property can not process a credit card ? asking guests to transfer money on your account after they have to pay cancelation fee never works ...

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    @Nino We take a deposit up front, which is held if they cancel so we don't have to ask them for a cancellation fee after they cancel (and we don't have to take any more money from them as they've already paid it, but it give us the chance to be flexible if we wish on the cancellation policy and be able to refund then if we rebook it).  

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