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  • Dear Marcia,

    There is already a long thread about reviews here on the forum. I suggest you read that one.

    What you can do is solve this without expecting anything from BDC as they never remove reviews.

    You can sue the guest if you'd like. You can throw him out, call the police to throw him out, find a way.

    I myself wouldn't have let a guest go this far. Remove such people as soon as you spot the problems, there is no money in the world for you to endure such humiliating experiences. 

    He leaves a bad review? Screw it, reply with all the truth and make his words become dust. Move on and better guests will come who will respect your property and the work you put into it.


    Zsolt -

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    Thanks Zsolt,

    I have not responded because I think he says she says replying would be just a waste of time as no one but our staff, the one guest who witnessed it, the guest who posted the bad review, and myself will know the actual truth. I am sorry to hear that the booking agent that we have a partnership agreement with would treat their partners so badly. I guess it's all about the money.

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    Asad Chaudary

    Sorry to hear of your experience, Marcia.

    I would reported the guest for misconduct as soon as it became apparent this guest was going to be trouble.  I had a similar problem with a couple staying with us in February. They broke the bed frame, were almost constantly drunk, and were extremely rude to my staff.

    I believe (and I could be wrong), that if you report the guest for misconduct, it would place the guest on a blacklist and would also prevent them from leaving a review.

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    Thanks for your response, I did report the guest for guest misconduct from the time when he started keeping dirty plastic bags,the utensils on toilet in his room,breaking out towel rack,stuffing washcloths down bath drain, and being unkempt, and throwing stuff at the staff in front of other guests. did not care to about the misconduct because they still allowed the guest to post his  review although he was previously reported for the above. The Guest had rotting teet and black dirty fingernails and was incontinent of urine and his room smelled of urine and he even hang his personal items over the toilet open area., very unsanitary. This particular guest went overboard with his postings. He posted his review in violation of the standards and guidelines when he referred to our establishment as" Cult"but  although's guidelines in reference to posting and replying to reviews states that you cannot post any religious commentary in your review ,he was able to do so and they are still refusing to remove it,lol.

  • Dear Marcia,

    You need to reply to that review with all truth and description of how it all happened. 

    BDC removing a review is as unlikely as seen a live alien. Some say they saw it, but who knows :))

    I cannot imagine the horror this guest caused there. 

    Never let such people in from now on.



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    Honestly, was provided with all the pics of the condition of the room and his writing refusing all room service and housekeeping report and still nothing. This guy even tried to get money out of me prior to his arrival and I refused,lol. You really can't tell what you are getting until they are in but I can tell you I have had a lot recently.  One broke our bedframe and never reported it. Costs over $600 to replace it. Now I do room check by even moving beds and dressers. You cant trust people to just own up to accidents.

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    Dmitriy Bolobolov

    Hi Marcia,

    I had a problem with untrue review and reply was: "If you want the review to be removed, then you require to terminate the agreement, after which the review will be gone forever.”

    After that, I reached CEO Gillian Tans but it did not help at all.

    There is noting else to add.

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    Hibiscus Beachhouse

    The exact same thing happen with us today,we are the owners off Hibiscus Beach Guest House Curacao and so far we had excellent reviews and are very happy with that.
    The two guest we are talking about are from Germany and they checked in the 15th off May and the reservation was until the 23th off May.
    From day one the problems started,the house is about 4 years old and they complained about the bathroom being too old (the bathroom is spacious and beautiful) so we told them we can not change the bathroom.
    We serve a la carte breakfast and the were vegans and we bought everything for them to have a good breakfast and I tell you that is not easy for vegans anyway that was not good enough for them,they stayed in their room every day and all day so it was difficult to clean it and also they didn't want strange people entering the room.
    So they brought food in their room and being in the tropics that attracts little animals and this morning they spotted a ant in the room and they were going crazy and wanted to leave straight away,they had still two days left and wanted 25% refund and they threatened us to leave a very very bad review by
    By that time we had enough and I asked them to leave then they started calling us all sort off names and I was a SCHWEIN and he raised his hand to hit me and almost lost control,I left the room to speak with my partner,10 minutes later the police was in front (can you believe it,I supposed too call the police for these idiots,and he told the police that I was threatened them and that they want a escort out off the Hotel because they were scared.

    My question is how on earth can we protect our self against that sort off aliens and why let these people to leave a review,we all ready spoke with bookings about what all happen and if they give the permission to leave a bad review,we thinking about to take our property off line by

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    Hi Hibiscus Beachhouse:

    I read about your experience and my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I know the feeling and I can emphatize with you. I really think we all need to rally together and form our own coalition to support our establishments in this business because we all can understand the difficulties we face in the hospitality and tourism business. We also can formulate our own booking agency to provide us with guests, support, and satisfactory customer service. I hope all was resolved in the end in regards to the issues that you were faced with. Please continue to be good souls and do your very best for your guests and don't make a bad guest make you change and penalize the others. Good luck with your business and many good wishes!!!

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    Asad Chaudary

    Hello Hibiscus Beachhouse

    I really am lost for words after hearing about your experience with these guests. There really isnt much else you can do when you've got very difficult clients from the moment they step in through the door. You can only do your job and try to make the guest feel comfortable in the best way possible, and if the guests aren't willing to try and even adapt to being in a new environment (and perhaps even a new culture), then you can only pray for a trouble-free stay and count the days until their departure.

    That being said, it really does begger belief that they had the nerve to call the police and make the allegation that it was YOU who made the threat!! Really unbelievable and i can understand how angry you must have been.

    Did you call or email your Booking Account Manager to report the misconduct right after the incident?

    Fortunately, i have only had to report a guest once for misconduct in the past 12 months, and Booking blacklisted the guest straight away, which (im assuming) also prevented them from leaving bad review.

    Oh, and please tell me those pesky guests paid for the entire cost of their stay!!

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    Hi guys,

    We are new to this business and learning as we go.

    Just one month in business with BDC but already a bad experience.

    one guest stole a towel and smoked in the room. We informed BDC who then passed on our complaint to the guest. 

    After he had been informed of our complaint the guest took revenge by writing a very bad review. 

    We are very disappointed by the attitude of BDC. 

    They know a theft has been committed, but have not banned this person from continuing to book other properties. In other words, the thief is unpunished and given opportunity to steal again from other BDC affiliates. They also refused to remove the review of 2.5, even though our ratings were 10, 10, 9.6, 2.5, and 10 around that period. It is so obvious that the 2.5 is plurile revenge for having been reported.

    I have asked BDC for the guest's ID details but no reply on this.

    It seems to me that BDC is only interested in making commission for themselves, and gives absolutely no support at all to it´s affiliates when there is a problem.

    Worse, they do nothing to prevent a thief continuing to steal from other hotels.

    This is very unprofessional behaviour.




  • Keith,

    Sorry to hear that.

    We had a similar issue, same score, 2.5 (the lowest you can get).

    We need to push BDC to implement the guest rating system. That will solve these type of issues.

    Also, whenever someone takes anything, charge them for it, don't think twice about it. Charge first, ask questions later, because they can dodge payment in many cases.


    Zsolt -

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    Hibiscus Beachhouse

    Dear Keith,

    We know the feeling we have been through the same and we just don't understand
    We read more and more complaints about the way they work and they will loose in the end a lot off people they work with.

    We wish you all the best.

    Kind regards,


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    I own a bed and breakfast and had a review full of lies. Treated the couple very well,even drove them to save them a taxi to local town to a restaurant, they were under the influence of alcohol. Then they left a dreadful false review, asked in reasonable terms to remove it as it was untrue and was told can't be removed as their team didn't think it breached any conditions. Well it did and it's very frustrating to say the least. A bad experience that I can only hope when people see the review they see my response. The bed room had a big bag of rubbish stuffed into the bin forcefully and the toilet unplugged,that disrespectful. But as there's no mechanism by for removal or an approval facility I have to now live with this misrepresentation. 

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    We are 57 Hurds Bank From Malta

    We are new  to this business and overall we have had very good guests - however  we have had 2 very bad reviews - one from a German guy who literally littered everywhere - they were a couple with two teenage daughters -  they left bits of food all over the place - even under the beds. They broke the washing machine, an old antique bedroom chair, the bed room door lock and ruined bath towels. To cut a long story short  he did all this as he was after a refund  -  i obviously did not refund him anything.

    The second was from a lady from Denmark - this really upset me as while they were guests they kept smiling and saying everything was fine - a week after they left i find  a horrible review 2.3 rating  saying stupid things like there is  no hand rail in our pool - the garage smelled of urine (as if !!)  there are mosquitoes in the garden  -  and i could not even reply to this review -

    It is about time BDC start listening to us - i feel they ought to as we are giving them business.


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    Same thing happened to me last two days !

    There was a guest didn't pay the full payment and left the house. She even stole the expensive hair dryer from the house. Plus they left us a bad review with no comment but only score so we couldn't reply to the review.

    We contacted booking about the issue and they acknowledge the issue but they refuse to remove the review.
    The reason that they gave me is they can see I am getting mostly 9.5 out of 10 for all the reviews. So one 4 score review doesn't affect my future booking according to their system.

    Are you kidding me ? It doesn't matter it affect or not affect the future booking now. The point is they allow guest in bad behave and lack of payment left me a bad review. I put a lot of effort on the house and that was how I got all the good reviews. It's not like I am lucky so I am getting good reviews and I am in bad luck so I am getting the bad reviews.

    Seriously ? Booking is not being fair to the host, as usual.I've been talking to the customer service centre for an hour and they asked me check on partner help by myself as they can't do anything with it.


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    To those fellow owners here I've the greatest sympathy, it's an unfair system. I received I think my second or third review false accusations of being a racist and a front national supporter-hows that possible ?I'm irish living in france. See for yourselves on my b and b site here 'le violet '. I also contacted many times but to no avail. But I was allowed to reply and I did with the truth. I am since embarrassed by this as some guests ask me!!!! The system of reviews should be reviewed,OK let the clients review,then at least get a say whether it should be published or not after prior viewing then permitting to publish it,why not? Otherwise we are at total mercy of these sometimes unscrupulous people and it can be minimum embarrassing maximum damaging.

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