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    I agree.  And no-shows are typically declined credit cards.  

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    Daysinn Fresno

    I authorizate all credit card every morning for all the reservation that is checking in that afternoon to make sure that even if they do not show you can still get payment for them. any credit card that is declined you can reported in booking.com extranet and canceled that reservation. One thing is that booking.com needs to change their policy on canceling reservations with declined CC. 

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    booking.com should review the policy for cancellation, i have high rate of no show ,no cancellation too.

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    I charge the card when the booking is made.  They rarely cancel and never no show because they've already paid.  If their card declines when they book, I log it, then cancel their booking if they don't provide a new card.  No other industry worldwide allows you to make an internet purchase without actually paying......  

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    Every Inn with Booking.com has the ability to require 100% prepayment and that is exactly what we do.  Here's why we think it is important and would encourage other properties to do the same.

    We have always been shocked at the unreasonably high cancellation rates from Booking.com reservations.  We are convinced this phenomena is a direct result of Booking.com's pressuring potential bookers into making a reservation before they are really ready.  And they do this by instilling panic through perceived scarcity of supply.   When this happens it is not unheard of for these bookers to continue to book other hotels for the same night just to keep their options open.  They tell us that by doing this they can make their final decision at a later date and then cancel the hotels they don't want  with "FREE CANCELLATION". This may work out nicely for Booking.com who will get a commission from the hotel that ends up with the reservation.  But it is not so nice for the other hotels who had to keep reserved rooms off the market for an extended period for a guest who may not have been all that serious about staying with them to begin with.   

    We don't want and cannot afford to have unsure and frivolous bookers blocking up our inventory at our expense just so they can keep their options open. We believe guests are much less inclined to make multiple  bookings all over town when required to make a full payment to us at the time of booking. 


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    While I totally agree with your approach; and is by the way; the same path I follow; there is something extremely important to also take into consideration: when the host has to process the payment; there is a 50-50 chance that the guest can call in the credit card bank and state that he does not agree with this, didn't show up; etc., and another good 50-50 chance that the issuing bank side with their user. In the meantime; the funds are withheld, you missed a good opportunity to book and the endless back and forth calls with Booking.com take up most of your day in mind and action.

    I have insisted to Booking.com that a short term rental is by no means and does not work at ll like a hotel, to please collect the funds on all host's behalf: it's in the long run better for them because it's including the real guarantee of a booking or of a payment of a cancellation fee, which now most guests for short term rentals end up wiping their hinies with!

  • Booking.com really needs to process reservation the same way Agoda does. And being now in the same Priceline group, I do not see any difficulties for them to do it.

    We, as hoteliers, are so much in trouble with all these "opportunities" offered to the guests.

    I think it is safe to say that the only partnership existing is between Booking.com and the guests. The hotels being only here to provide the money through the never ending growing commission.



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    I need to bring in a system where I can either get full or half payment at time of booking as many people in South Africa will book more than one hotel and never cancel the ones he/she are not going to use and that room stays unavailable until after 12 pm of the night of book in. No one can then book that room until it becomes available only the following day. I have had to tell other Booker's I have no rooms available and then a few hours later to find out the room is available. I have even called Booker's to confirm there bookings and they will confirm they are still coming too find out, after waiting for a few hour, they're not coming. If you try calling them again their phones are not answered. Time to see my bank manager and arrange to generate payment from there credit card detail without having the card. Right now I can only take payment with the card in my hand to swipe it on credit card machine. Other websites will only confirm a booking once the 50% deposit is received by them. 



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    We own a self catering apartment in Cape Town.

    When I receive a booking I immediately send a message to the guest thanking them and telling them that we require a 50% deposit payable now. Even if i get a credit card payment I encourage the guest to make an EFT payment explaining there is always a problem with credit card fraud. Nearly all then elect to then pay by EFT.

    If I do not get the the payment within say 5 days I remind the guest to make the payment. After 1 more day I give them a time saying that if I do not get payment by a say 5pm tomorrow I will cancel the booking. Very important to send messages thru Booking.com Message as it documents the process. If they do not pay I phone Booking.com and request cancellation. 

    The reason I do this is because if you request a cancellation on site it sometimes takes days for Booking.com to do the cancellation... dont know why it should??? 

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    We notice this a lot in Africa and it really disrupt the business. PayPal or Mobile Payment should be consider for us partners in Africa

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