How can I refuse guests from the country?

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Ercando,

    Unfortunately there is no way for you to restrict who can book at your property. 

    Search the forum a bit, there are lots of theories as to why.

    Best of luck!

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    Hi Ercando,

    Very interesting topic! We also have problems with one asian country which makes a lot of problems and mess in our apartment. The interesting fact is that some people don't know how to use some gadgets. Is that poorness or some other reason, I don't know.

    I contacted and they says to me that we don't have an option to make limit for the guests from some countries not to make reservation in oour object.

    But I think in the future they have to make mechanism to set limit to people from some countires because they think they can do everything when they pay reservation. But that is not true. On that  way we can maybe reduce some problems we don't need to have!

    Thanks a lot for this interesting topic which is very useful!

    Best regards,


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Robert ,

    I think you have an intriquiging idea of the Mechanism that limits reservations to specific countries though I severely doubt that they ever will. Because you don't blame a nation for a few people's bad behaviour.

    Can you just imagine all the social/religious/race/discrimination etc issues that would arise if you just want bookings from exclusively X Y and Z? Even if you can justify not wanting to take bookings from A B or C, people will take offense and you might end up in Trouble. Legal trouble. And in true spirit, will have a Massive clause in the contract which removes their responsibility should we want to restrict our business to specific countries. They will not be held liable.

    So I think it's a pipe dream. Me, I want as many foreigners as I can get! Other people feel like they have had experience with one country and they are done with them.

    Because it's each to his own, won't create the feature. 

    Just my 5 sents though :-P 

    Keep well!

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    Hi Lenadri,

    Thanks a lot for respond. 

    We are careful people. We are not in this business only for the money. However, you have to be a man and behave like a man. I am not polite man who will make divisions between people.

    But in our case you have to know something (I hope you will not be angry, this is only comment, not criticizing): we invest quite a lot of money in this business. We try to be simple, but nice and helpful people. But when you have 3 reservations from the same asian country who behave similar, what a man can think about that people?

    But guests have to think that they are representing their countries and behave accordingly. If they behave so rude, what is conclusion? Simple, bad people and it is finished. We have our rules which are normal and similar with other rules in other objects. Guests are under our roof in our apartment. That means that they have to behave wiith our rules. I think a lot of people think like we think.

    We are serious people in this business. We consider our work very serious and we do not really want to have a job or even deal with people who do not value our rules and our efforts. When someone cause damage of few hundred euros, what you can do in that case? We have nothing to do with such a group of people.

    I hope you understand what we have opinion like this.

    Thanks a lot with this comment! 

    Best regards,


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    I also have asked if I could block certain countries. I only have 1 letting room and for June and the first week in July , I received 13 nights reservations through Of these, 3 nights were taken up, 2 were cancelled because of a bereavement, which was no problem. However, of the balance, 2 were no show and the others cancelled at short notice. Whilst these were showing as sold, I had to refuse 2 other requests.

    I have a booking in July for 4 nights from a couple from one of the country's of the previous bookers, so I'm not holding my breath. I will be pleasantly surprised if they don't cancel and arrive.

    Any relevant comments?

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    Hi Baronray,

    Thanks a lot for your comment! I also noticed that people from some countries are causing problems for us with reservations and then cancellations. I noticed in last few weeks that people from some countries are making reservations and on the end they not arrive. I contacted and they said that numbers of mobile phones are not valid like the official e-mails. 

    It is not clear to me whether this is what some guests are playing or trying to do something. What people can think in these situations? Nothing. They reserve and not arrive and maybe in other case other guests are seeing that we are sold and they don't have opportunity to reserve in our apartment.

    This is a new kind of problems. But people from the same countires. I know that a lot of people making reservations on more objects to see which is cheaper and then cancell. A lot of people are making plans for a year before season. That is not possible because it is long period to make plans. They reserved year before season and then few weeks before arrival they just cancell.

    Thanks a lot for this useful comment! 

    Best regards,


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    I believe there is another way. I have not tried it myself, again a certain Asian country, I didn't go ahead because after a string of appalling guests from unsaid country I suddenly had the pleasure of a run of excellent guests from the same source. Some luck in the draw methinks.


    Anyway, the upside down method. Raise your normal rates enough to discourage bookings from that country, then create an ongoing promotion returning those rates to normal BUT don't make it available to that particular country. ;-)

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    It's not a problem if the booking is received but then cancelled a few weeks before, freeing up the dates and I feel that has to take some responsibility for this because their TV advertising positively encourages people to cancel when they make statements like"cancel, you can always book again" intimating that it's no problem and no charge.

    Our side of the deal we are in a no win situation.

  • Hi, topic is super interesting. 

    I agree with You that some guests could be very rude and without any home education, but started new option last months and implemented as button to mark guest's bad behaviour. 

    That's one step closer to choose the guests. 

    With kindest regards,

    Kolonaki Hellas Travel & Tourism

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    Allan Fitzgerald

    I dont think it matters where you live(Blackwood House is in New Zealand), the late cancellations are now a fact of life, because it is so easy to do so.

    NO shows really can annoy, and we really can not blame the OTA's no matter how upset we might be.

    As a traveller, I think part of the problem, which is accentuated with social media is this.

    You make an online reservation, and within 24 hours you get bombarded and tempted with other offers of accommodation in the same town or city .

    These cheaper / perhaps better offerings are so tempting, which can be so easily accepted, rather than sticking with the initial choice.

    Air B & B, has impacted massively with our bed and breakfast, seems to be, this is what we have to now accept.

    Thanking you from New Zealand

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    Interesting discussion.

    It is illegal to descriminate against people for race, religion or colour or anything else for that matter in this country. As a tourism accredited operator we understand this.

    We have a few guests who do not know how to use bathrooms correctly, but most are okay. It is a case of putting up with a few not so nice guests because most are really good guests. Same guests are very messy, not clean n the kitchens, leave rubbish on the floors, it is very annoying for our cleaning staff.

    The rudeness mentioned is sometimes just a different way of speaking - more direct perhaps and then there is the interpretation or lack of knowledge of the English language. But then I only speak one language, have a little understanding of a few more, but have been around long enough and travelled extensively to cope with the differences in people. I might not like they way they adress me but I try to understand the message.

    Educating guests is a difficult one. I have had "travel bloggers" here and have had the whole discussion with them and suggested they should start writing about expectations of the provider to some of these people.

    These same guests have no idea about staying in an Eco Certified accommodation and conserving water, electricity and recycling/sorting rubbish.

    As there is limited space to mention everything relevant on the listing in, about a property before they book, they are choosing purely on price and how many people they can squash into a room/apartment. But that is another story, and Safety on the roads is anothe one.




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    Deb Fribbins

    If you have a problem with a specific nationality because of the odd guest. i suggest you look at Airbnb where you can vet the clients before you accept them.

    In my 3 years only I have found mostly good and a few bad in every Nationality. It is what makes the world go around. So long as they are not terrorists making bombs in my apartment you take it or leave. I have had Australian Grey Nomads who have taken cutlery when they packed up. A man who just got out of jail and wanted space with his girlfriend before going to face his family.  I have people on Dirty Weekends and newlyweds. 80-year old that met on RSVP. A girl who was on the run from her abusive boyfriend. All Australians  I have also had Muslims. Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Hindi, Buddhists,  Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mauritians, Polish, Russians, French, English and so much more. 

    I find if I spend 10-20 minutes chatting to them first and being kind and friendly giving them advise of where to go and what to see I have not had an issue.  I love meeting gorgeous people.


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    Hi Baronray

    With regard to cancellation and no show, the easiest way to deal with this is to have a cancellation policy in place, ie first night non refundable deposit, if cancelled within 2 weeks of arrival then the full amount will be charged. This stops a lot of the problems and also it gives you cash flow during low season as you are taking deposits.


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    See my previous comment, I have just received yet another cancellation. I have had 2 x 4 nights from Russia, 2 x 1 night no show from Ukraine, 1 x 3 nights from Saudi Arabia and 1 x 1 night from Canada.= 14 nights.. These bookings were from 12 June to 14 July, all cancelled at the last minute, leaving it virtually impossible to refill these dates. Is there a "trend" here.

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    Allan Fitzgerald

    From my experiences the' no show & cancellation  policies' all sound fine, until you try to instigate them.

    The mobile phone numbers are often the credit card numbers can be cancelled just whenever they like.........especially if they thought you might try and retrieve funds.

    The hotel chains have similar difficulties, but as they have numerous rooms, it doesn't impact to the same degree.

    An earlier comment, about having guests respect your property, suggesting having a conversation with the guests after first greeting them on arrival, does go a very long way.


    This forum is good.


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Robert 

    You wrote: "But in our case you have to know something (I hope you will not be angry, this is only comment, not criticizing): we invest quite a lot of money in this business. We try to be simple, but nice and helpful people. But when you have 3 reservations from the same asian country who behave similar, what a man can think about that people?"

    Absolutely no offense taken. Every person is entitled to act upon their own experience. For instance I know of a partner who doesn't want bookings from a specific country as there is one guest who keeps booking on different names and they all turn out to be fake. 

    You seem quite content on your opinion, and that's all that matters at the end of the day. As long as your business runs smoothly then all is good and well in the world. 

    Keep well!

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    hello everybody..i had a guest from my own country (spain) which i had to ask to block him from future reservations... didnt follow any of house rules and left it a problem with to block him...but we can not block a whole country,race,religion  etc etc..wouldnt be fair for the rest...

    i have a non refund policy after a reservation is made 2 months prior..

    Many people make reservations just to get a visa or entry permit and cancelled afterwards or dont show at all


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    AG Lodging

    Recently, introduced 2 new options that may help in these cases. Althoug you can not block all guests from particular country (discrimination is not allowed), you can do the following:

    - for particular guest: report guest misconduct. Go to reservation of that guest, and mark its bad behaviour.

    - for all guests from particular country: if you are at Genius program, you can now offer extra discount for some countries. This will attract guests from the countries you do like and want to come.

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    Dear AG Lodging!
    experience in applying large discounts is very sad in our country. Checking, to put it mildly, unfortunate guests, from which it is then difficult to get rid of. we concluded that a relatively high price is a certain filter from unwanted guests

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