Refunding guests but still paying commission to

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  • Dear Samantha,

    Your situation is easy peasy lemon squeezy :)

    You just need to tell BDC again that you have NOT taken any payment from the guest. Simple as that, and the commission should not apply.

    If they want to double check, let them call the guest and ask them directly.

    Don't accept your fate of paying any commission for this case.

    PS: I had a case where the guest wasn't satisfied with the location (he thought that near the forest was in the city center, poor him) therefore he went to another place and BDC tried to pull one on me, but if you insist, they will understand.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt -

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    Hi Zsolt,

    Thanks for the reply, I thought the situation would have been easy, lol. :)

    I've just sent another reply after sitting on their reply for a couple of days. I asked to see contract / policy where it says I must pay commission on a booking that I have never taken payment for. 

    I'll see what they say, and if no satisfactory response, I'll phone my account manager (whoever that might be). 

    I felt in this situation, that refunding the guest in full was the most appropriate action, and one that would reflect favourably on both my property and albeit indirectly,

    I won't be paying commission, after all 12.5% of zero, is zero!

    Lol on the guest that thought the forest was in the city centre.... smh.

    Thanks again for responding, 

    Samantha - Pyrenees Caravan Park

  • Dear Samantha,

    I'm shocked to see you pay only 12.5% commission to BDC. We pay 18%.

    There are quite a lot of discrepancies in commission % around the world. I feel like it's something that better lawmakers do to help local businesses.

    We have plenty of funny reviews with low score :) go ahead and read them by looking us up on BDC site: Thuild - Your world of leisure

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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