What % commission do you pay to Booking.com? Do you have laws governing this?

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    Independent hotel in Thailand.
    15% base rate
    +3% if you want Preferred Partner
    +Min. 10% if you want Genius

    Apart from country variation is there any business size variation?
    <50rooms =x
    >50rooms =y
    Single hotel =x
    Chain = y

  • I know for sure that a 170+ room hotel in my area pays the same % commission as we do, they are also part of a large local chain. Therefore it's a standard 15% in this country regardless of size and then of course 3% for Preferred Partners and the 10% for Genius guests (a program which we no longer use).

    There might be a different situations elsewhere. 

    In my country there is no law governing OTA activity.

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Daily apartment rentals. Manila, Philippines
    It's the same:
    15% base rate
    +3% if you want Preferred Partner
    +Min. 10% if you want Genius

    All my properties are Preferred partner and one Genius. I am not happy with Genius as it doesn't have enough marketing efforts and almost all clients from Genius demand (really demand!) early check in (early for them is 5am) and late check out (3am next day). As we are fully booked we can't do that. And we don't compromise the quality of cleaning. We are known for ideally clean units, it's our trademark :) And dealing with demanding clients is no pleasure.. As in the end of the day I will pay more on hospital bills :) I didn't remove Genius from one property simply because there are no "Genius" clients anyway. If you really need Genious, then give signals to Booking by turning on and off that program, then they will start to market you.

    We don't use Booster (fully booked anyway). However, if someone reads my long posts ;) I would recommend it. It works well for this combination: booster + local market +deal +lowering price (as last chance to catch the client and cheap instead of zero).

    There are no local laws to specify OTAs activity. Moreover, this country is known for "no rule" any "specialist" charge. Same doctor can charge you 10 dollars (his regular rate, derived from market demand) and 100 dollars just because you look like a foreigner and definitely rich (crying here with smile). And everyone boasts "that's his right. You Must pay".

    If you mean OTAs activity as Booking.com activity (was it a hint? ;). That's Netherlands governed. And if you read your contract carefully... You, your property and everything in between is governed by Netherlands.

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    Greece :

    15% base commision 

    + 5% for Prefered Partner Program

    + 10% price discount for Genius which I don't use anymore.

    When I have some leftover rooms for a few days I pay a little extra commision for extra visibility but that's very rare and only in low season months like Octomber. 

    I am perplexed why every other European country I have seen in this forum has only 3% for PPP but only Greece has 5%.

  • SaKats, this is exactly why I started the post, so we can all visualize the differences and maybe, maybe try to get a better deal or outcome for what we use.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see even more odd things in commission %.

    Let's hear from other regions and continents.


    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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