Rating for "view from room"?

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    Here we go again. (And I am one who does not have nice views from the windows) The last thing everyone wanted removed is location. The simplest option for booking.com would be to let guests give just one rating - let's call it overall satisfaction. Do we want that? If l look at this from a psychological point of view don't you think that it is better to let guests vent on one of 6 options rather than let one negative aspect taint the whole score?

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    M Adamopoulou

    View from room. Yes I prefer to have view from my room, from my balcony, from my boat window, from my airplane window etc. It’s obvious wherever we might be view is an extra criteria and that’s why we pay more for getting it. Ketill I fully understand your frustration. Booking.com has to make review questions more clear.

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    How about a setting within "view" where hosts could enter "no view" and this would automatically blank out the rating for view? ( it's either that or add brick-wall to the view choices which is soooooooo nice an option!!!)

    This could be a work around for many aspects. e.g. Breakfast, if not booked via BDC, no option to rate. etc. (admittedly many would not fit this idea like the often-mentioned coffee category. )

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