Question of the Week: What kind of guest are you?

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    Graham Fisher

    We leave the room as we would like to find rooms left for us... we don't strip beds etc but rather than leave a tip to be taken by the duty housekeeping staff we tend to leave a large box of chocolates for them to share and a note saying thank you - provided the housekeeping was up to our own standard that is!

    Choosing the room is more important - we always phone and check on rooms dimensions/location direct with the hotel - for our four/five days off each year this is important.

    Invariably we meet the owner/manager whilst staying and let him take to any room he feels would suit us better - for future reference.  Just as we do with our own guests - a good way of getting them to trade-up on their next visit!

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    Sara Jarvis

    I’m having trouble becoming a guest in New York China town 

    I want to room and I’m only offered hotels !!!!!!!

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    Am a super guest Laura!!!

    I strip the beds, tidy the room, recycle my waste ( i even take my rubbish with me ) and I leave a tip for staff. Even my children strip their linen, last month in a hotel, one left a home made thank you card for the cleaner. They appreciate the work that goes into a room. 

    I always make the effort to chat to staff and ask how their day is going, whether its reception staff, pool staff or the cleaner, a few minutes and some kind words always breaks the ice.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Laura what a post!!!
    So many memories awakened. Beautiful trips all round the world. Unforgettable experiences in cities, old towns, villages. Forests, rivers, mountains, blue clear waters, endless beauty everywhere.
    As a guest I have been treated with hospitality and enjoyed luxury in simplicity in all my travels.
    When leaving the place I don’t do the beds but I leave the place as tidy as possible as if it was my home. Now Being a host myself I realize how important and thoughtful it is.
    Leaving a small nice note and a tip for the staff is surely a least but not last way of saying goodbye and thank you. Kindness makes you most beautiful person in the world ... no matter what you look like.

    Leaving excellent reviews with best reference to the property and the host is more than vital.
    Have a nice day all.

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    We love to leave the room clean. Also we take care of the amenities. We make sure nothing is broken or damaged by us during the stay. Have to go to give some tip to the waiter.
    And love to chat with the staffs as they are best person who can help.

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    I remember when i took my 3 kids away for xmas ..the cleaner left me a  note saying that she couldn't handle the kids room and left it for me to do...cant say I blame mess !

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    Graham Fisher

    Ah Holidayrent.... exactly the reason we banned children.... mind some adults make a fair attempt to make a mess of things as well!

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    M Adamopoulou

    As a guest anywhere always respect the property as if it was mine. If guests are responsible so are the children and pets. 


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