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    Aaltje B.

    Had someone inspecting the floor from underneath, this 150 year old villa is like an old lady. Discovered the house shows uneven surface where the two parts have been attached.

    (house transferred by truck from A to B in parts)

    And fresh signs of borer too. Ai-ai-ai that is bad news. 

    So before our house falls apart we need to see a "house-doctor" alas qualified builder who can do some structural repairs. Also, a bomb needs to be placed that knocks out all the unwanted nibblers in the wood. That bomb doesn't make a sound but it does create unhealthy gases, and we have to remove pets and people from it for at least 12 hours before safe entry is allowed. Not looking forward, this not so fund of chemicals lady has no choice but to accept this inevitable attack. Anyway, my house will be saved and hopefully for years to come. 

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