Guest credit card validation

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  • You know what's funny about this?

    You can take out your full competition with making long term bookings on all their rooms with a credit card that has absolutely no funds. Just make it for the future so you cannot be charged on the card, because pre-authorization is only possible 30 days of check-in time.

    With this, you can actually cripple the local availability, because allows this to happen, cause they have absolutely no failsafe for such a situation.

    And you can prove this by doing it yourself so they can see how *** their whole system is.

    Something like this should NOT be possible to do, because it's irresponsible and on the other hand, they don't let you cancel such a thing, because Hey! It's a guaranteed booking!

    Well, hope they'll understand when someone will screw them over with a potential situation that I've mentioned. Which was pulled on my property once, but I really don't care about the 30 day period, I'd rather pay a charge-back than have my calendar blocked and miss a month of business.


    Just, think about this.

    Warm regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Interesting feedback.

    They have an issue, for sure.

    I guess we are not the only ones to who questionned them on this.

    Interesting to note I received next message from Booking, 2 days after having contacted them and posting this comment: "Status of invalid credit cards".

    It seems as if they ran a check module over my bookings, which would mean they have such a module. We definitely need to follow-up and to reach as many users as possible. Villa Botanique Guesthouse 
    Statut des cartes de crédit invalides
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    The issue with credit card validité becomes even much bigger. 

    We had a new case of a booking accepted by and pushed through the system without any verification of the credit card. (we reminded that since they substitute them for the proporties in accepting booking on our name, credit card checks should be done at booking acceptance level).

    After asking the guest to provide a new card number, the guest did and sent us a message saying they checked this card and that "according thier check, this card seemed OK". We checked again and abgain the card was not valid.


    I think we should all react and ask Booking to take responsability. 

    I know they are aware of this issue.



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