refusal of guests as not set up for dogs in house (but legally protected assistance dog)


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    If I remember the settings correctly, there is a section specifying not only that pets are welcome/not welcome but also if allowance is made for assistance animals.

    Therefore, you can clearly indicate your policy. If you have stated therein that NO pets INCLUDING assistance animals are allowed then that's that, you may refuse entry. If you have not included assistance animals in your no-go policies then I think, under UK law, it will be the decision of the guest to continue with the reservation or not after your dissuasion.

    Assuming the former, apologise and restate your stance, recommend that the guest cancels and if you have any payment/no-refund policy then offer to waive/refund this.

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    I would check with regarding guide dogs.   Here in NZ it is illegal to refuse guide dogs.   The host is advised to check that the guest has a registered guide though just in case someone is not truthful. I would not stress though as all guide dogs I have had anything to do with are well behaved and lovely!

    Good luck.

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