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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    I wish you much success in this endevour! We hospitality enthusiasts must stick together and help each other where we can. Luckility, Booking.com's website is extremely well set up so you won't need much guidance.  

    Booking.com has a Step by Step method that you can follow to ensure your property is attractive to perspective clients. When you load it, the system will give you a list of what to add to show guests exactly what they are booking. As you complete each tickbox, the website gives you a rating to indicate how your property looks to the guests. 

    You can even complete this list before the property goes live so that you can just added availability and get bookings as soon as it does go live!

    The website literally tells you how many photos to add, what quality the photos must be, they ask you to load up photos of the specific room you are renting out. On the Property tab at the top, under Property Page Score page you will be able to find this list.

    Happy Bookings!

    Kind regards. 

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    Hi, another important thing is to always be the host that offers the best smile. I also find that providing things like extra toiletry helps. Just cheap toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant because people sometimes forget them.

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    Debra Quartermain

    from the moment you open the door to say Welcome you become part of the guest’s experience while travelling. Be warm, friendly and caring. Offer guides and maps of the local area and its attractions. I always have cookies out and the guests have coffee makers, bottled water and a tea bar to enjoy a refreshment break when they arrive. 

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    Napoleons Rafting Camp Sagana - Kenya is happy to be a part of this .....Hospitality partnership helping conversations that will help us give an outstanding Excellent Services to our Guest ......

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    We found that if our properties don't get booked regularly via Booking.com it is harder to get bookings again as we fall back in the listings. then we have to do promotions to get the flow going again and it gets better. Maybe you might have the same problem?!

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    I gradually increased the comfort level of  the rented Apartments by  analysing in depth the comments listed by guests in their reviews. As a result, the improving  average guest review score goes hand in hand with the increased number of bookings. Regards.

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    I like Debra’s comment that we should be warm Friendly and Caring in this sensitive industry of hospitality

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Muyntombi ,

    I agree that a smile can completely put the guest in a relaxed and happy mood. However I would be a bit cautious to provide cheap toiletries. Our property does have a supplier that we get Small soap bars etc from but I'd be very careful placing things like Toothbrushes or Deodarant as guests can be quite picky about such things. Even myself, I wouldn't use deodarant that I'm not famiar with for fear of a bad reaction. You might even get that guest that asks for another brand... 

    It's a very nice thought though!

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    European Connection

    While general customer service routine (smile, welcome, surprise presents, being positive, solving problems) is mandatory, it is also very important to evaluate your guests.

    While you should assume that all your guests are nice, positive people of course, also keep in mind the probability that some might cause trouble, and try your best to identify potential trouble makers and type of problems they might cause.

    Like this gentleman seems like heavy drinker-so keep an eye on him to prevent any problems which too much alcohol causes.

    Or certain lady is dressed to light and pays too much attention to someones else's husband. Not your business of course, but keep in mind that someone in this triangle might explode and you or your staff member needs to be there in no time to calm flaming passions.

    Same goes to criminal like individuals, football fans, over-zealot religious people, mothers with young babies, people who bring big animals, etc etc.

    It is counter productive to try to block them from entry of make them feel unwelcome, but keep your eyes open


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    Congrats on joinning the booking.com family.
    My advise will be to touch your guests heart with the way you and your staffs attend to them.
    It is not what you do but how you do it. Remember they might not remember what you said but will never forget how you made them feel.

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    Hi there,
    We have a studio that we have put on booking.com.
    We greet our customers with big smiles and welcoming chat, help them with their bags etc. We supply regular sized shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, pump soap both in the shower and on the hand Basin.
    We also provide a mini bottle of bubbles and a small bottle of beer on arrival, as guests have travelled and love a drink to relax on arrival or later on when they have settled in.
    We do touch base with them during their stay to make sure everything is okay and always say to just ask us if they need anything or want to know anything.
    We get great feedback, so we must be doing the right things

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    Hey all,

    It is nice to read all of opinion provided by many of host.

    I would like to explain my passion and view of our guests simply as;

    From the beginning point of booking by a guest, it is very important for me. I send automatic welcome message to each and every guest. In that message I used explain which kind of services we are providing. When close the day of arrival I tried to get their expected arrival time. Then we can arrange and get ready for everything without any disbursement. I think the Guest is a king for our business.

    Because if we are treated and supply great hospitality, they will happy. I think the main aim of our business is not earning the money. We have to get smile on each and every guest. That is very worthy than the money. Then only we can have more guests.  Also after arrival of guest you should have a day plan for each guest. That will be very easy for them and us. We should maintain well-cleaned rooms and bathrooms. I think keep your room charges little more reduce. Give better service and get more customers.


    I think these tips will help you to boost your guest.


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    The Mermaid at Azure

    Hello fellow hospitality enthusiasts,

    On top of all the superb material things we can offer, the best is the genuine and warm hospitality that our guests deserve.

    Soar higher on that fellas! :)

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    hello everybody..

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    Ed & Barbara

    We leave a little welcome note in the room with our personal cell phone numbers and tell our guests to call us anytime for any request they need addressed.  Also we leave a questionnaire so they can add commits on anything they would think would make our property better.  This also gives them a chance to vent any complaints directly to us and not do them in a review.  As the old saying goes you can not fix what you do not know needs fixing.  

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    The best way to get your property viewed is the quality of the photo's for your on line presents.  The photo's you choose need to reflect your property.  Make sure your photo's reflect your passion.  If people can see them selves in the photo they will book their stay with you.   

    Always greet guest and provide a personal tour of the accommodation and services they can expect.  Point out any additional or small details that guest want but might not think of until after hours.  This helps greatly in reducing help call at night.  

    All best to you on your adventure. 


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    The Mermaid at Azure

    Hello Ed and Barbara :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom. That's indeed correct. Questionnaire to mitigate putting their negative comments on a review :)

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    Give a little more than visitor expect, than all be wonderful.....

    Le Balcon des Jasses


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    Ranthambore Bagh Palace

    List your property on maximum OTA's which will give a indirect SEO boost to your property in google crawling and do not forget to take SEO experts advise while designing a website.

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    Life on 3rd Guest House

    Best of luck with this new endeavor. As stated previously, a warm welcome goes a long way. This industry can get difficult at times, but the friendly guests always make it worth it. Keep your focus on that and the many amazing skills you will learn.

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    Every visitor get a little card with there name on and some practical informations together with the key when they arrive. Its a good idea, and people collect the card.

    We have some people travel for business, its great idea to take extra care of this people ass traveling business people talk to each other, we have this habbit to give pthis people a little cutty back when check out, with fresh fruit, a water a snack and a card, this people is good to accomadate, most arrive alone, check out very early, so I have time to rest after clean the room.

    Just an idea we do a little extra for.

    Good luck

    Le Balcon des Jasses; Lucy

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