How do I create a gap between bookings?


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  • Dear Nikie,

    If you scour the forum you can find the post of Leandri Klopper where she talks about asking BDC to enable a function that allows you to do that. It is only available if you ask BDC to enable it.

    I don't remember the name now. But you can search through her replies and find it.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Its the  "No Arrivals" and " No Departures" tabs.

    I asked via a message, it was installed within 2 days.

    When installed it can be found on your calendar under "Standard Rate"

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    Thank you both for your advice, I've contacted

    Much appreciated :-)


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    I just go to the calendar and close that one day. Hope that helps.

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    but you'd have to do it manually after each reservation, right? there's no way to automatically close it as far as i know. 

    btw the technical term is "closed for departure" and "closed for arrival", some channel managers have it by default, but with booking you have to request it, is great to use to fill up long weekends or xmas season.

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