Promotions for Guests from China

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    China is now a much bigger pot, money talks!

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    Could someone please, give me more info about China golden week promotion ?

    If i activate this promotion , does it combine with my October basic deal promotion ? Or guests from China will have only their discount ( for Golden week ) and others from other countries will get basic October deal discount ? 

    I am afraid that guest from China would get both .

    I can`t find answer on the help page

    Thank you all in advance 

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    VERY good question. I have been asking BDC through messaging and my account manager, both have either ignored the question or given side-stepped answers.

    Neither will give a straight answer to this question, real Golden week is half gone and the remainig "dregs-week" soon upon us.

    Total communication failure on this subject from BDC. 

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    Very good question! This promotion was so mysterious. Booking kept quiet and unreachable. One thing I know for sure - if they can get double discount, they will get! 😂

    Since we are not located in China, we can't see how promotion looks like on their gadgets. That what I normally do, I log on as I am the guest on a different gadget and monitor my own promotions.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to run this promotion on few units. We did have few Chinese clients, but we normally have few Chinese clients. I can't say this promotion changed anything. There is also no special tag to see the promotion performance.

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    Thank you  for answer! It is not clear at all, 

    It seems that guests will have the higher discount ( if there are different promotions applied ) but I am really not sure . also it is not clear from their pdf file rates_and_deals_pdf.

    I sent them direct message in inbox, I will update you if I get clear reply



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    Good luck!

    If this is your first question on the subject you will most likely get;


    "We've forwarded your message to a specialist on this topic. They generally respond within 3 days. Nothing else is needed from you in the meantime."

    Unfortunately that 3 days becomes a distant fact every time I get that standardised response nothing more is forthcoming...maybe it really means "filed under B for bin"?

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    It is the second one :)  

    Thanks, anyway, I have already  deactivated  Golden week promotion just for precaution, and as you all mentioned, it is almost at the end.  I am only sorry that for few weeks I was taking only this one  from half of September till one week ago ,  and I do have my doubts that it was  caused the lack of interest and harmed to my bookings and visibility . 

    We have  had guests from China already in the past ( without this badge) so now, I really think it was tricky and misleading . Especially because we all don`t  have possibility to check or to see preview ( as Katerinka12  mentioned) 

    Once again, Thank you all, I will post update , if any :) 

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    Just a warning. I use only and will not use sites like Airbnb because the prices they force you to ask for are beyond ridiculous. I recently got some ' promotion' from BDC ' offering'  me to give a minimum 40% discount to some guests. PLEASE BDC don't go down that road - you will ruin business and yourself!

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