One way to verify that bookings are genuine.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Joey!

    That's fantastic advise thanks. 

    Making a free offer will certainly bypass the whole "clients don't correspond with us" issue. I think that it will work very well. Have any of them cashed in on this idea though? 

    The reason why I'm asking is because guests are people just like us. Just like we are worried about getting fake bookings, they can be worried about a Fake property/booking. Does some of them not cancel the booking because they get a fright when you ask for "sensitive" information like that? How can you tell which were the fake bookings that cancelled versus which bookers just got a fright and cancelled?

    I get that when I ask people for their ID nrs to do security checks at the gate... 

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    Leandri do you mean that asking for flight details could be seen as asking for sensitive information? It is  why I am here - wayyy past my last check in time but the guests gave me their flight number and I saw that it was delayed. I suppose I could mark them as no shows but when the guest goes to the trouble of at least treating  me like a human being I can stay up a little, though I will draw the line at some point. 

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    Leandri, I'm sorry, I realised that I did not answer all your questions. Yes I've had two guests who ' cashed in' on the free offer (they chose free shuttle) I offered in August. I don't think anyone has ever cancelled after I asked for flight details. But I had never thought of something like that as putting people off. Kindly walk me through this: why could it be seen as sensitive information?

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Joey ,

    Sorry for the late reply! I've been delayed as well hehe. 

    Well, I completely see the relevancy to asking for the flight nr. You want to track them for your Organisational use. It makes 100% sense and I myself would not be afraid to give this to the person who is basically holding the door open for me until I arrive. It's the same with the ID number. I need it to put it on the Unit Allocation letter the guest gets (the letter basically has all the booking details and guest details on it), when they arrive the security checks the ID number against the ID book/card/drivers that the guest has with them. (It's like the key to our door). This is to ensure the Correct person is standing in front of them. It's a security check. 

    But a client may feel the information of a flight number is "sensitive" considering that you will know where they are. Stalker-fears, you know? With an ID number, I get told "No you are going to steal my identity." (Maybe it's the country I live in... maybe it's the culture. Dunno.)

    Hope this makes sense?

    I'm glad your tip is paying off for you! I think because our resorts are so large, our guests don't really bother with being scared off considering they know they will accommodated. 

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