Booking.basic (Booking basic rates)

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    Its been a long day, just found a forum mentioning it



    I just checked my property and its not offering it

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    as i know, only guest receives confirmation from booking.

    we receive the booking via our B2B and also the payment. no commission.

    also, i noticed that when i updated my rates the booking basic gone for the certain period.  

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    Les Belch

    I just read about this "booking.basic" thing on a Tripteaser blog and find it very odd that seems to be very quiet about this. This all sounds very strange.   It certainly gives one the feeling that they really don't want us property owners to know what is going on.  And that should concern all of us. certainly should be forthcoming about what is going on here.  

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    As I said on another thread on this , you can't remove it, they are not telling hotels they have just added it . They are checking around and if they find a cheaper rate they take it an call it booking. basic, the things is with us 99% of the time its a rate from their sister company Agoda who are publishing a member only price that you should sign in for but ignoring the rules and publishing it publicity instead, then take that rate and use it as they see it as a price discrepancy . They have also started offering some people discounts for paying them direct but they have not informed us of that 

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