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    We are looking at doing a total website revamp, our current one is done for us (inherited from previous owners) and is very old looking, not mobile friendly and no longer fits our profile. I am not HTML proficient so cannot take over control.

    If the BDC offering is any good it would be nice know. Otherwise I'll be looking to a new provider along with training to handle the site myself thereafter.

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    Has nobody tried this feature? 

    Is the linking to BDC putting everyone off?

  • Hi,

    I think the hosting offer from BCD makes sense for small BnB's and solo operators that want a little bit more of an online presence.

    However, as a bigger player you'll be much better off having your own website, with full control over:

    • Booking systems. Integrating directly with paypal or stripe means your total fees will be roughly 2.9% (+30 cents). 0% commissions.
    • Design. Page builders and templates can only get you so far, and quickly become outdated. Plus it's hard to stand out.
    • Speed. I have not tested the speed of BCD's hosting, but many offers like this are not the best value for money when it comes to loading speed of the website.
    • Extras like blog, adwords, SEO, tracking, etc.

    Let me know if you have any questions about building your own website. I'm happy to help.



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    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ragnar.  Funny that no one who has actually used the BCD service has commented.  Maybe no one is using it?

  • Perhaps you'll have to give it a try, Kurt, and report back.

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