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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi everyone,

    The forum launched a little over a year ago as a community for you to connect with one another.

    In an effort to make sure all content was accessible to as many people as possible, we made a decision at that time to only support posting in English. As such, our policy has always been to remove posts in other languages and to follow-up via email with the original poster to let them know. This isn’t an automated process, so there can sometimes be a delay in our moderation. If there are posts we missed and it has seemed that we were selectively enforcing this policy, that was never our intention.

    Over the past year, we have made many changes to our approach in order to facilitate the growth of this forum. As we look forward to 2019, one of the optimisations that we are prioritising is to host more languages. We’ve heard you on this front and really do see that this is something that would enhance the forum experience for many of you, making it even easier to communicate with each other and exchange experiences, ideas and tips. We’ll share more information once we can confirm the details and timing, so stay tuned!

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    Seems we're both peaved with BDC this week. I've had the total blow-off from both extranet help and my supposed "account manager"(sic), an important question that neither could be bothered to answer.

    That is despite the benefit of a local (same province) number!!! (I couldn't get through either, for days, just rang out, or left on hold forever).

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    You are lucky to have an account manager. I don't.

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    I thought we would be too when one was appointed to us under some fanfare, unfortunately no.





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    Fluff - thanks for this - I do not even understand what an account manager is now! All that I can confirm is that giving constructive criticism like you and I are doing should be APPRECIATED AND REWARDED  by BDC - but you get some comments from the usual suspects who unlike me (I'll speak about me) do not seem able to praise what is right and critcise what is wrong. Maybe they get a pat on the head. BDC should see people like us and appreciate that we are giving REAL feedback for FREE. 

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    Wow, that is something serious now. I have been taking my time to see, if only my post (in Russian) was deleted for "non English" reason.

    I saw posts of Joey in Arabic and in Spanish (I thought it was Basque) and can testify on that.

    If "English only"... Then whats the F K is that???

    Didn't you know that forum is appearing in many languages, here is the example of my profile:

    ملف تعريف Katerinka12 – Partner Help - ...
    https://partnerhelp.booking.com › profiles

    Katerinka12님의 사용자 프로필 – Partner Help - Booking.com
    https://partnerhelp.booking.com › profiles

    Didn't you know that discrimination is prohibited in Netherlands?

    Didn't you know, that your letter alone serves as legal proof of solely and knowingly commiting such act as Removing non-English comments from multilingual platform, which activity is governed by law of Netherlands and its published content available to general public?

    To quote:

    "I can see that my team has removed a few comments that were not in English and sent emails to follow up."

    However, it looks to me it's a one person show and such "team" might not exist, as in the same letter she writes:

    "A comment might be placed into 'pending moderation' status if the spam filter picks it up for any reason, however I always approve these."

    In the same time as of date of removing "non English" comments from multilingual platform, there are no internal policies published on Booking.com forum Guidelines, related to "only English" matter.

    Therefore, Laura, please explain to us, what did actually happen and why have you removed non English comments from Booking.com forum, available to public? Can you identify those members of "your team" with their names and positions in the company?

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    I cant get a customer service rep to return my emails for the life of me! 

    Having so many problems with my property ad and so dissatisfied with c/s.






    ive been trying to m

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    Katerinka - Mifetafari: ملف تعر  I can read it but not sure what it means :-) - I am wondering are there maybe partner forums in different languages? I am not sure that this is a case of discrimination. I mean what sense would it make for me to write in Cantonese (If I could) in a forum of English speakers? In my country we have newspapers in either of two main languages and the moderators encourage comments to be in the language of the newspaper but they do not delete comments just because they are in a different language. Comments are deleted if they break some law like libel laws 

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    No, this forum appears in many languages. Same forum for everyone. That's why occasionally you see posts here in different languages.

    "but they do not delete comments just because they are in a different language. Comments are deleted if they break some law like libel laws"

    Exactly. That's why I am giving her a chance for better explanation. What law of Netherlands we broke, that our comments were removed?

    To remind you, so far there is only language related reason, her email to me, to quote:

    "I can see that my team has removed a few comments that were not in English"

    I am excited to hear her further explanation and I give 48 hours for that.

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    If you look at this screenshot I've just grabbed you'll see that you can choose the main language for the forum and funnily enough the first language is Al-Arabija (Arabic). I tried switching to a different language and the comments still appear in the language in which they were written but the ancillary text is in the language you choose. Oh and for heaven's sake can all computer software stop this nonsense with US English and British English? Remove one of them and add another language instead :-) 

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    Google Dyne Suh's case. That was not Airbnb itself, but isolated case of the host, who posted her listing on their platform and how would they know, that the host discriminated the guest? That was their internal correspondence. But here we have to deal with information that was already published to public.

    Despite being indirectly involved, Airbnb lost millions and had to gain reputation back from their clients as most bookings are international anyway. After that case they have created a special department, that deals with discrimination related issues only. Protecting both money and reputation of Airbnb.

    Now, let's wait to see the explanation of Booking.com employee (!), who removed "few" posts, but in fact ALLposts in different languages. Its ridiculous that Booking.com is known to be international platform and funny, she us the one who is being paid to improve "marketing" and international relations and yet, our posts, of those who bring money to Booking.com are being deleted... For a mere reason of being not English?

    How come when I saw your posts in Spanish and Arabic I translated them immediately to keep up with understanding of the topic. And employee of Booking didn't even try to understand, that those posts in "unwanted" languages contained hotel addresses?

    I keep in touch with them. It's not an isolated case.

    The fact is: that there was massive removal of ALL NON-ENGLISH posts from the platform! Hundreds of them!!!

    There is no single post right now in any other language rather than English!!! And the law of Netherlands doesn't prohibit publishing in any language!

    The Booking.com has to answer for that action!!!!!

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    BTW you were right one of mine was in Basque, but I thought most people would not know what that was so I said Spanish :-)

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    Thanks for the  Dyne Suh  reference - first result that came up was from the Washington Post so it must be an important case!

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    That's the fact, guys:


    Now, Booking.com has to clarify what caused this move.

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    Perhaps too much of an issue is being made of the language question. My initial point was that if they were allowing Arabic why did they not allow a European language? And I think to avoid conflict and confusion they hurriedly decided to allow only English since whether we like it or not, English is the language of the internet. 

    Google translate does a pretty good job so if let's say I am only comfortable writing in French I can easily write in French and let Google translate convert it to English before I post it. Otherwise all the other readers would have to translate what I wrote. 

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    It's a Multilingual platform, that in the first place publishes forum's content in many languages. Those people, who published content (premoderated, by the way) didn't violate law of any country. Not to mention, law of Netherlands, that strongly prohibits any kind of discrimination and allows to publish content in any language, though Dutch still remains being language used in courts.

    Booking.com does not have such policy, that Forum must be in English. On what background did they remove without any permission comments of partners?

    Let us not jump into conclusions. As for me ANY language is the language of Internet. Let's see what the reply and explanation will be of Laura, who deleted all messages or either "her team".

    Booking.com also does not set requirements for hosts to be English-speaking only. There is no policy and no law, that governs comments to be published in English only. What kind of message Booking sends to us, hosts?

    Did those 0.0001% of messages caused anyone trouble? I want to know justifying reasons for such action.

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    For your information Booking.com serves 224 countries in 42 languages. This forum was created and available in many languages, allowing hosts from all over the world to post comments in their respective languages. Would you imagine how much money Booking.com spent to develop this forum and be available in many languages? Why did a person, who is employee of Booking and suppose to help hosts to exchange information in the forum solely or together with her team simply deleted non English comments? Why Chinese host can't talk to another Chinese host in Chinese language? Let her explain her logics behind this action.

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    If anyone can find their original invite from BDC to take part in this forum, they will be able confirm or deny the following.

    From memory, I'm pretty sure that when we were invited to contribute here it was stated that the forum would be English only for now and members were requested to post in English only.

    I'm guessing whoever has been given the task of policing the forum is English speaking only, hence the limitation.

    I have personally answered a couple of Spanish posts but haven't looked back to see if they are still there. I did add the English translation as well though so hopefully they're survivors.

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    BTW, as a British English speaker, I prefer to have the choice between that and USA English, especially when spell checkers and predictive input are involved.
    If writing to a fellow Brit. UK mode is on, if not then USA mode.
    I cannot bear the USA spelling when talking to a Brit.

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    fluff - I agree and remember the same. - English only.  

     (   Screenshot from the website - updated 2 hours ago ;)   )


    just my Opinion...

    HTML is the language of the internet.    :)

    This is NOT a Multilingual platform, it's English based, with the option to translate the 'Menu' into other languages to make it easier to use.

    Yes, Booking.com serves 224 countries in 42 languages...  
    Do we really expect to see 42 versions of this website ?  
    with every comment translated into every language ?

    I agree with Joey use Google Translate - get feedback in English.

    if 'they' could make this site more 'native language' friendly, would you volunteer to be a Language Mentor / Translator / Moderator ?

    Non English posts would be listed to a few volunteers - then, when translated to English - could be posted public, and then the answers translated could be sent back in original language.

    This is a solution, that could be developed.

    So instead of making a big deal out of a little thing, why not offer to be part of the solution. ?

    Joey - Would you be willing to help translate:  Spanish, Arabic into English?
    I understand you have better things to do with your time, but would you be interested to help, if this was built into the system ?

    Would you do this for Free ?
    Would you expect to be compensated ?
    What kind of compensation would you consider fair ?

    Katerinka12 How about you, would you be willing to help ?  how many languages do you feel confident helping with ?

    fluff - As you mention you have done it already, would you be willing to help again - if there was a 'Native Language' section. ?  -  did you ever get an answer to your important question ? - did you try asking in this forum ?

    Constructive Criticism Only Please or thoughtful feedback - Thanks.

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    Try Calling ?

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    This can definitely be argued as stated.

    Chinese, spoken by most people by head count

    Spanish, spoken by the most countries

    English, the international language of business and basis of the internet.


    I have no trouble being 'responsible" for a Spanish section as long as it's understood there are times when answers may not be so quick off the block due to a lack of time to even stop here.

    I've just looked back through my Spanish posts (with English translation) and they have indeed survived the cull.

    However, I would also point out that NONE of those posts received any kind of reaction from the OP. Therefore, I have to ask, is it worth the effort? Did the OP read the response? A quick "gracias" or just click the thumbs up icon would have been nice. Basically, posters in other languages are shooting themselves in the foot.

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    "did you ever get an answer to your important question ? - did you try asking in this forum ?"

    Someone actually beat me to it and I echoed their comment with a reply. Unfortunately no, never received an answer (of any use).

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    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Understood - we all have other things to get done, but some help later is better than no help at all.
    - also hopefully you would be one of many people who would offer help out.

    Yes, good point - it would be great if we could see if the post was ever read by the original poster.  

    Idea:   if you had 100 'Translation Required' messages and were able to sort based on some sort of response rating.  for Example - you process the "Gracias" guys first.  then new / first time posters.  then people who posted before, but don't reply.

    Maybe some sort of 'points' system.  ( or another badge ?... )
    You get +10 for helping / Answering... and they get -10 for not saying 'Thanks' !!?

    Did you ever get an answer to your important question ?

    It would be so amazing - if someone ( at booking.com ) - took notice of your willingness to help others... and stepped up to help you with your problem !!    ;)

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    Sorry - fluff  I just saw your post now...  So what was the original problem / question ?

    The 'China' Promotion ?

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    Sara Jarvis

    Agree with Fluff as a British /English speaker, keep this forums real.

    Getting the 2 mixed up would be a nightmare, each unto his own....are there any Americans on here? I am English , but some of my children are American born....try playing scrabble with the two.

    As for booking.com it’s an International Company as you pointed out Katerinka 12 and most of our guests are from every country in the world.....and as long as we respect that not everyone can speak English ; I think that makes it more interesting and inclusive. I would love to know where each person on the forum is hosting from it would really help understanding some posts here.

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    MikeM I usually like your posts as it seems that, like me, for you photography is a passion (Don't you think I did not notice that you stripped EXIF data from your marvellous photo of the bottle) and like me you like semi geeky jokes: In my reply to " English is the language of the internet" You said Hyper Text Markup Language is (see what I did there I showed you I am geekier than you :-P), is the language of the internet.

    But back to something serious Mike - Some of us live in countries where we do not have a manager, much less a telephone we can call. So we send a message and we are often passed from one agent to another. Some of them are incompetent - I mean how more incompetent can you get that you are working with an English speaking company but you have the grammar and the syntax of an 8 year old? This applies to just a few of them and they are not typos as of those I am the master. 

    It seems to me that some of our more complex questions try to be answered by some teenager who is afraid to pass it on to someone with more knowledge and so he gives us his best guess. Only when I persist do I eventually get to someone with more experience. 

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    My post about American and British was semi serious. English is the language spoken by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. No argument. I know that when I spell something like 'sceptic' I am right. And if we are going to make an issue over the use of a c instead of a k, then we really have nothing better to do and should thank the dear Lord or his Majestic Holiness The Flying Spaghetti monster for having first world problems. 

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    Below you will find the welcome messages by Booking.com

    Of course, it is nowhere mentioned, that this forum accepts posts in English only. Simply, such "Policy" doesn't exist. Nowhere Booking.com does publish such "policy".

    Connect with 3884 other partners

    Sep 9 at 11:01 AM

    Welcome to the Booking.com community

    Now that your property is officially open on Booking.com, you probably have a few questions about how everything works. That’s where our Partner Forum comes in handy.

    The Partner Forum is a place where you can get tips and advice from thousands of other partners – and share your own knowledge too. You’ll find topics to help with everything, from getting started on Booking.com to delivering great guest experiences. Plus, you’ll even earn points and badges with every contribution.
    Ready to see for yourself?

    Join the conversation

    Meet your partner community

    Oct 4 at 9:02 AM

    Join 4,234 other partners in the Partner Forum

    Welcome to our partner community, we’re happy to have you on board!

    To help you set yourself up for success, we wanted to invite you to our Partner Forum. It’s home to over 12,717 conversations on all aspects of hosting, including:

    Getting started on Booking.com
    Creating great guest experiences
    Handling guest payments

    Inspiration and advice are just a click away. Ready to take a look?

    Join the community

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    Hi Joey

    Yes, I do enjoy my photography. - I would love to see your work, but I know you don't like to share personal information, do you have any photos online ?

    I think Photoshop deletes EXIF data - when you export for web. - I'm not that worried about hiding my location.

    Good, at least someone liked my 'HTML' Joke.   :)

    I have never called BDC for help. 
    I'm sure most 'Managers' are incompetent. - my personal opinion, BDC only helps me get 'first contact' - with a customer, and then helps me process the credit card. - I don't think they have ever helped anyone with 'customer support'... - maybe just some tech support.

    I was once forced to call customer support for GoDaddy... I had to wait till 9am USA Time to make the call... ( midnight my time ) - I ended up talking to a girl, working in a call center - also - based in the Philippines. - Crazy.  - and no, she was not able to help me fix my problem. - I was finally able solved it myself.

    Next time - just for fun, you should ask what country your 'call center' - customer support "expert" is based in. - and how long they have been working there.

    You are probably have a better understanding of the software than they do.

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