buys Google Adwords to drive traffic away from your website

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    For us we don't mind about this. We look it as an advantage and thank you to help us promote/advertise our property.


    Yes, everyone want to have guest book direct with them but what is your direct booking percentage. I am sure most of us the number is very small. It better to keep this marketing budget spend on Google adword to use on other part. As you never can beat OTA money and the profit margin is really don't worst with it.

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    I must agree with Bandara Hotels & Resorts  in this particular case.

    1) we are paying BDC to promote our biz and sell rooms for us, I EXPECT them to earn this fee! If they could not get their site above my own (I use very basic tools) it would be a poor result.

    2) if you are with BDC etc. it means your website is not sufficient (I know mine isn't) to negate their services

    3) Money talks! If we were as wealthy as BDC we would do exactly the same to protect/promote/drive our business model and increase profit.

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