Disappointing poor service and support.

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  • Hello,

    Honestly, anyone can get the Preferred Partner title, it's nothing special, really.

    Where are your properties located?

    If they are in different countries, you will have different payout conditions. That's going to be the deal most of the time as every area has its own set of rules and procedures. 

    Also, if the referred apartments belong to you, there is no way that you're getting the commission free bookings for that. It has to be a different owner. That way everyone could just spam the benefit.

    15 minutes on the phone? You're lucky! See when you have to wait 1 hour, then complain. Usual time for most call centers in this world is around 15 minutes, few exceptions do apply.

    Just be patient and things will go better.


    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    I agree about the preferred partner title. Its just a way to get an extra 2% commission


    All the apartments are in the same town....different payout terms.


    The apartments are all owned by different people...I manage them  but don't own them.

    The goal of this promo is for Booking to get more properties. They use this program to encourage this.

    I had friends that had properties but did not want to put them on Booking. I promised to manage the properties for them. But I do not own them.

    In summary Booking achieved the results but reneged on the rewards. The max reward would be 200 euros....How cheap can you be to renege on such a deal. And not even say why...just ignore it.

    When you are on the phone waiting for so long.....to help a guest, it makes me look unprofessional.

    Certainly not what you want from a PARTNER.

    I am being patient.......but while I am on hold, I am finding other platforms out there that are really very good.

    I am eternally positive and hope for an improvement soon.





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