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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Mike,

    Another good post!

    I like most of your suggestions, just three things from my side. 

    Won't the link from the Dashboard to the forum be a bit redundant considering it takes two clicks from your dashboard to get there? Would be nice though. Like a Panic button, press once and you are there. 

    Secondly I have a question regarding "Opportunities / Prefered Partner Program...  Should have a link to this forum..." . To what end? Not understanding what that would do or what you mean it to do?

    Lasttly with "Ranking dashboard, is it possible to zoom out?" 

    I'm pretty sure you can create your own competitive set. It's on the Analytics tab under ranking on site. You need to choose your own set though, would be nice to have a smarty from allocate your competition to you based on location, rate, type of property etc. 

    Have a good day!

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