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    In my terms and conditions it says that I will be paid by the 15th of the following month. So in your case that means 15th August. The bank transfer normally happens a few days before the 15th.

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    My guest left 16th July, I received invoice notification that I would receive payment for booking by 16th August..and I have previously received payment as advised.

    I am still waiting for this payment.  Please advise me why it has not been transferred into my bank account as is normal.

    Also I would like confirmation of where my £15 reward (notified that it has been processed) has been paid as I also cannot find that.

    Kind Regards, Marj

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    I contacted the Finance dpt. and not a good answer about when I'll get the payment, they replied saying to contact customer support for updates, then I contacted on Monday customer support one more time already like 10 TIME,  and they don't have an answer when I'll get paid, they said I'll get an answer by this Wednesday, today is Thursday an still not answer, is already more than a month and NO PAYMENT yet, I think that I'll charge BOOKING.COM with a late fee, They advertise saying that they will take care of the payment and no worries for us, is a BIG LIE.

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    Please provide me a US number for finance dpt. where I can call.

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    Schandra 77

    Hi My company has not been paid in respect of *****

    Visited in July. Please check why the payments not made to my company

    Suresh Chandra

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    i have payment advice for 03/01/2019 & 03/02/2019 but no money has come into my bank account form i have check days either side of 15th and defiantly not received. Can some one please advise how I get this fixed asap who to contact etc.


    Thank you

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    Obviously keep chasing.

    Do you also have "pay-at-hotel" guests?

    If yes, deduct the amount BDC owe you from their next invoice(s), this will definitely wake them up!

    When you receive no action, hit them where it hurts ;-)

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    I am totally frustrated and annoyed with the complete lack of customer service provided by  The Customer Advisors do not fully read communication, therefore they do not answer queries correctly.  I have taken a lot of time compiling correspondence to, have phoned and spoken to an Advisor and am still no further forward.  I have always requested that collects payments on my behalf, I am not local to my apartment and it makes sense for to collect my payments and take their commission at source.  I had a few issues last year with this but then everything seemed to have been sorted out again.  I've had 3 bookings, totally Euro 1000 between December last year and January this year for which I was expecting payment.  I started chasing this up mid January when the payment expected was not received.  Since then...all I can say is it has been a nightmare and very stressful trying to sort this out.  The only service I've had from in response to my continual complaint is a phone call at 1am in the morning and threats to suspend my account because their commission has not been paid.  Attempts by me to recoup the money from the 3 guests who have enjoyed staying at my apartment free of charge have been ignored.  Although this situation is 100% the fault of (my requests for information on how I can make a formal complaint have been ignored) nothing is being down to resolve it.  Every time I receive a message from it just leads to more frustration.  Could it be that this multi-million pound company have expanded to quickly and their systems and staff training has not managed to keep up with their growth?  Whatever the reason for their abysmal customer service I am one very unhappy customer.  Out of pocket by Euro 1000, being hassled by for their commission charges, which at 20% for cr*p customer service is extortionate anyway!  I only wish other websites could get a similar number of bookings for me, then I would certainly walk away from using this company! 

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