Credit Card FRAUD & BORROWED Cards


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    Ignoring your email is pure ignorance or a sign for you to be concerned as we know from guests ignoring our request for an arrival time

    You should charge them after the cancellation time but if this does not go through then you will have marked it invalid and will refuse entry unless they have cash

    If the charge goes through then if you need ID and they do not have it refuse entry and inform them you will refund the charge after your card company has confirmed the payment is genuine

    Hard I know but the hassle of responding to a chargeback can take up much time and it goes on for about 2 months !

    Its not worth the risk of just letting them in


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    Mr Spence

    Thanks Monet208, it sounds like you have a plan, does anyone else have any ideas what system may work the best for everyone.

    I did personally think about taking a 50% deposit online and the Balance by Credit Card & PIN on arrival, that would give us 2 lines of attack

    a)  if there is a no show we might get to keep the 50% providing they did not raise a charge back

    b)  if they show up then pay the balance by PIN/Card then the deposit is also safe as we have proof  of their arrival.

    Thanks to anyone else who might have an angle on this subject

    Mr Spence UK 

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