Refund for double paid commission

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    Yes. I struggled with this then realised that the double commission was paid back over the next few payments. I was quite distressing. i spent a lot of hours trying to work it all out.

    I feel that BDC should have explained that the invoices which were sent did not need to be paid in full. They should only have invoiced for the outstanding payment. That being, the commission on bookings that were not part of the new 'Payments by'. 

    I was unwell for the first few months and trusted BDC by paying the invoices without checking. Will not have the same trust again.

    BDC should also have itemised the re-payments on the Monthly Payment of Accounts so that it was easy to see what was included in the monthly payments.

    I feel with this process they were very unprofessional. I am still short some payment so hoping for it to be included in this months payment.

    Good luck with yours Yvonna.

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    Thank you Louise.

    It's such a shame that they keep my (and your) money for so long, when it should be refunded straight away so we can use our own money and not have a corporation benefit from using other people's money...

    I have had one pay out since, but that was only the correct amount for the bookings minus the commission for those bookings. Still waiting for the refund. Oh, and they sent me an invoice for the new months commission, so I am obviously not paying that, because it already came out of what they have paid me.

    I hope this is sorted sooner rather than later, for you, and me, and all the others out there!

    By the way, I have closed my rooms off, until further notice, until this is resolved. does not have a lot going for them at the moment, especially compared to other companies who provide the same service and give much better customer service.

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