What does Booking.com offer?

Have you just signed up to Booking.com but you’re not sure how it works? Take a look at what we offer partners:

- It’s easy to use: Once your property is signed up to Booking.com, you choose what you rent out and on which days.

- Get seen by bookers: Once you're set up, your property will be visible to travellers around the world and will be ready to book immediately.

- Instant notifications: When a customer makes a booking, you’ll be emailed or sent a text right away. You don’t need to take any action – the booking is already confirmed.

- Direct payment: The guest stays with you and pays you directly.

- Monthly invoices: Each month, we’ll send you an invoice. With a commission-based model, you pay a set percentage of each booking made on the website. The monthly invoice shows all the bookings you’ve had in that month and the commission you owe. You’ll only need to make one payment per month to us.


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