How do I copy yearly rates?

You can save yourself time – and attract early bookers – by using the 'Copy Yearly Rates' option in your extranet. It lets you add rooms and rates for future dates, based on the availability you loaded during the same period of the previous or current year.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your extranet and click on the ‘Rates and Availability’ tab.
  2. Click on `Copy Yearly Rates’.
  3. From the drop-down box next to the ‘Copy rates by’ section, choose whether you want to copy ‘Same dates’ or ‘Same days of the week’.
  4. Select the days of the week and/or the date range you want to copy over.
  5. In the next drop-down box, choose ‘Use the same rates as this year’. You can also increase or decrease your rates by a fixed amount, or by a percentage of the current rates.
  6. To finish, click on ‘Preview changes’ and/or click 'Copy rates immediately'.



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