Why am I receiving an additional invoice?

Generally, additional invoices are sent for specific reservations. Please check the invoice to see the relevant reservation number(s).

You can check your invoices within the ‘Finance’ tab of the extranet (and by selecting ‘Invoices’ from the list).

The ‘Description’ column provides more details and the invoice type.

Common additional-invoice types include:

Incorrect no-show: The reservations on this invoice were originally marked as a ‘no-show’ and were not included in your commission invoice. The guests later confirmed with us that they stayed according to their original reservation. Since the commission for these reservations was not included in your commission invoice, a separate invoice was issued for payment.

Customer complaint costs: This type of invoice is issued in situations such as relocation costs due to an overbooking, or incorrect charges to the guest. In these cases, you should have already received separate communication from our Customer Service team.

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